Is buying e –insurance cheap?


It is about two decades since now the insurance industry was opened up to the private sector. Within the time a lot of innovation and restructuring happened in the sector in terms of products and features. To buy insurance one have to contact the individual agent at some point in time. While we visit the bank branches most of us could have been asked to take a policy, apart from that while surfing the internet you could also see some pop-ups offering exclusive online insurance products and these are online e-insurers. E insurance companies are different from traditional insurance they operate on a direct to consumer model along with online channels to sell their policies and services to customers without any physical broker and broker. With the advancement of technology, we can do it easily and quickly. Customers can buy or claim or even renew the policy through any e-commerce platform said by Biresh Giri, Head of product development & CRO at Acko General Insurance. Although the traditional model has its advantages and disadvantages even the online model has its unique features. In the case of the online model, there is no direct contact with the insurer. In the traditional approach in the case of queries, one will have to approach the insurer directly. But going online saves time and cost. Online insurers offer more competitive prices since there are no middlemen involved. Coming to the privacy part not all the personal details of the buyer are not shared at the point of sale. In traditional sales, it is done through agents where all the information has to be shared so there is a chance of leaking out of the important information. So compared to traditional insurance e-insurance is safer. However, during the online process, the buyer gets all the details regarding the policy as well as the process. For example, buying health insurance involves understanding complex product features of utmost privacy is maintained in communicating through the online channel. Each aspect of what’s being covered and what’s not being covered is specifically highlighted and communicated to the customer. Buying online insurance gives full control over what the customer demands.


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