ITC Engage Takes a Conscious Step Towards Making Fragrances Sustainable, with the use of Eco-Friendly Propellant

ITC Engage Takes a Conscious Step Towards Making Fragrances Sustainable
ITC Engage Takes a Conscious Step Towards Making Fragrances Sustainable, with the use of Eco-Friendly Propellant

National, June 5th 2023: On World Environment Day, ITC Engage, has launched its innovative Engage L’amante Luxury Perfume Sprays with unique Bag on Valve technology. This new offering embodies the fragrance of the future with an eco-friendly, technology enabled propellant. Combining state-of-the-art Bag on Valve technology and superior and unique scents, this range sets a new standard in the world of perfumery in India. The new launch by ITC Engage champions the ethos of environment consciousness for today’s consumers.

Engage L’amante Luxury Perfume Sprays unlock a new level of efficacy with the advanced Bag-On-Valve (Bov) technology. By creating a barrier system that preserves the integrity of the fragrance by separating the liquid product from the propellant, this BoV technology allows the fragrance to dispense, providing a delightful olfactory experience. Consciously combining luxury and sustainability, the new offering elevates consumer sensorials through a feather-like soft touch spray. Designed for those seeking not just an indulgent but an eco-friendly experience, Engage L’amante Luxury Perfume Sprays envelop users in an aura of sustainability and elegance, setting the product apart from traditional aerosols. 

Commenting on the launch, Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business Division, ITC Limited, said – “ITC Engage has always been at the forefront of redefining the fragrance category through innovation. Today, we bring a game-changing technology that supports a sustainable tomorrow and is a testament to ITC’s commitment on pushing boundaries and creating unforgettable olfactory experiences. The brand takes a conscious step towards making fragrances sustainable through the introduction of eco-friendly propellant in Engage L’amante Luxury Perfume Sprays.”

The Engage L’amante Luxury Perfume Sprays consists of two exquisitely crafted fragrances– Engage L’amante Sunkissed and Engage L’amante Intensity. With a cheerfully vibrant blend of citrus and berries, followed by a calming, woody trail, reminiscent of white driftwood by the shore; Engage L’amante Intensity is a perfect perfume spray to draw out the intensely joyful expression of love. The Engage L’amante Sunkissed is a modern fragrance that thrives on contrasts. Effervescent with fruity, citrus notes and strong with hints of Tuberose and Jasmine, and an earthy, Sandalwood trail, creates a truly addictive fragrance.

With a commitment to sustainability and introducing this environmentally conscious choice, ITC Engage reaffirms its dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting a greener future. Customers can experience the luxury of Engage L’amante Perfume Sprays by visiting, ITC E-store and Nykaa. These skin-friendly fragrances are priced at an MRP of INR 399/- for 125ml.


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