RPPL’s ‘Karting SuperSeries’ Unearths India’s Next Racing Star In A Thrilling Finale In Hyderabad

RPPL's 'Karting SuperSeries'
RPPL's 'Karting SuperSeries' Unearths India's Next Racing Star In A Thrilling Finale In Hyderabad

Hyderabad, June 4: Racing Promotions Private Limited (RPPL), the visionary group that pioneered the success of the inaugural season of the Indian Racing League (IRL), proudly announces the successful conclusion of the ‘Karting SuperSeries’ at the renowned Chicane Circuit in Hyderabad. The exhilarating five-legged competition spanned across Chennai, Bengaluru, Kerala, Mumbai, and Delhi before culminating in a pulsating finale, won by Rachit Singhal, in Hyderabad. 

Aimed at identifying and nurturing the next racing talent in India, the four-stroke SuperSeries showcased the incredible skills and determination of the participating drivers (aged 14 and above) who captivated audiences and ignited their passion for motorsports. Each leg of the competition offered a unique and challenging experience at renowned karting tracks across the country, including ECR Speedway in Chennai, Meco Kartopia in Bengaluru, Speedway Thrissur in Kerala, Ajmera IndiKarting in Mumbai, and Kartomania (F11 Karting) in Gurugram, Delhi.

The top six finalists from each leg earned the opportunity to prove their mettle in the grand finale hosted at Hyderabad’s Chicane Circuit. As the excitement reached its peak, Rachit Singhal emerged as the deserving champion of the ‘Karting SuperSeries’ finale, showcasing exceptional talent, precision, and strategic brilliance throughout the competition. 

Expressing his joy at the success of the competition, Mr Akhil Reddy, Chairman & Managing Director of Racing Promotions Private Limited, said, “We are immensely proud of the ‘Karting SuperSeries’ and its significance as a crucial platform for young racing talents to showcase their skills and kickstart their career in motorsports. RPPL is committed to nurturing the next generation of racing stars in India, and Rachit Singhal victory is a testament to the potential and talent that exists in our country. We, at RPPL, extend our gratitude to all the participants, spectators, sponsors, and partners who contributed to the resounding success of this competition. We will continue to provide opportunities and support for these budding drivers, contributing to the growth of the Indian racing landscape.”

Mr. Armaan Ebrahim, the Co-Founder of RPPL, also shared his enthusiasm, saying, “The ‘Karting SuperSeries’ has been an incredible journey, offering young drivers an invaluable chance to showcase their skills and make a mark in the world of motorsports. At RPPL, we are passionate about nurturing racing talent and providing a platform for them to grow. The company remains dedicated to fostering the growth and development of motorsports in India, empowering young talents to pursue their dreams and shine on the global racing stage. This competition not only highlights the exceptional capabilities of these young drivers but also demonstrates our commitment to the development and advancement of motorsports in India. We are proud to be a part of their journey and look forward to witnessing their future successes.”

RPPL, the organizer of this event, was also at the helm of affairs during the inaugural season of the successful IRL. The city-based franchise racing league saw six teams along with 24 prominent foreign and Indian drivers competing for top honors in a four-legged battle in Chennai and Hyderabad. Akhil Rabindra from Hyderabad Blackbirds won the drivers’ title, and Godspeed Kochi won the teams’ championship trophy.