‘Jai Jawaan, Jai Kisaan’ campaign by ITC’s B Natural


ITC’s B Natural launches a digital campaign ‘Jai Jawaan, Jai Kisaan’ for saluting the Indian farmer, who are the unsung heroes of the country. Through this campaign, B Natural aims to strengthen its effort to source from Indian farmers and to support them, thereby making the urging consumers aware that the source is from the Indian farmers.

The song is an endeavor to project the selfless labor put in by the farmers towards Nation-building. The song is developed in association with Alive India and is sung by Zubeen Garg. By this initiative, ITC‘s B Natural makes individuals recognize the efforts of Indian farmers and make thoughtful purchase decisions in favor of products that contribute towards encouraging and uplifting the country’s farming community. Along with the background of a soulful voice and the inspiring lyrics evokes the spirit of Nationalism.

The video of B Natural, ‘Jai Jawaan, Jai Kisaan’ starts with a packshot of B Natural creating the map of India and takes the viewers through a montage of farmers and soldiers across India who are seen selflessly engaged in their respective duties towards the nation with a smile on their faces while capturing the country’s diversity. Of course, it signifies the very fact of Unity in Diversity makes India more prosperous and the most credit goes to the community of farmers all around the country, without them what we are today won’t be possible, so we should always need to give our prime support and respect to the farmers.

The video closes with India’s map, formed with images of farmers in each region along with their produce, signifying how B Natural works with these farmers to bring the goodness of fruit of their labor through their range of fruit beverages for the Indian consumers. The video is going to be released on the brand’s social media pages.

Speaking about the new campaign Sanjay Singal, chief operating officer, dairy and beverages, ITC, stated that as a responsible brand, B Natural is in constant pursuit of contributing meaningfully towards the lives of the Indian farmers for their tremendous support over the nation. This video could be a reflection of B Natural’s unwavering commitment to supporting farmers through sustainable and inclusive value chains, he added.


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