Jaro Education partners with IIM Tiruchirappalli to offer Post Graduate Certificate Program in Healthcare Management

Jaro Education partners with IIM Tiruchirappalli to offer Post Graduate Certificate Program in Healthcare Management
Jaro Education partners with IIM Tiruchirappalli to offer Post Graduate Certificate Program in Healthcare Management

 06th December 2023: Indian healthcare landscape is undergoing a transformative phase, witnessing significant disruptions, largely driven by rapid digitisation, the proliferation of innovative healthtech platforms, partnerships between start-ups and established companies, and favorable funding environments for viable business models, supported by government initiatives. To support the evolving healthcare landscape and to enhance the collaboration between established healthcare providers and digital-native startups, Jaro Education, one of India’s leading Edtech firms today partners with IIM Tiruchirappalli, India’s leading business school to offer a precisely designed ‘Post Graduate Certificate Program in Healthcare Management’ for professionals, consultants, and entrepreneurs in the healthcare and allied industries, seeking to enhance their knowledge and analytical skills to uncover global healthcare opportunities.

 Together the program, tailored with precision by Jaro Education and IIM Tiruchirappalli, aims to revolutionize the way healthcare and allied professionals approach their craft with a deeper understanding and holistic grasp of healthcare management principles. The program cultivates essential proficiencies encompassing healthcare management protocols, adept human resource strategies, meticulous financial and accounting frameworks, incisive analytical acumen competencies collectively underpin the comprehensive and effective healthcare administration across all domains. The certificate program in Healthcare Management is precisely crafted, comprehensively offering a deep understanding on key essential healthcare management concepts and practices, fundamentals and strategies of human resource, financial and accounting concepts, analytical proficiencies etc., by emphasizing experiential and interactive learning with hands-on exercises, case studies, interactive sessions and much more.

The program encompasses a diverse range of key learning that comprehends the broader macro-level policies on a global and national scale that impact healthcare, explores the realms of innovation and entrepreneurship, attain specialized knowledge and skills in managerial leadership and decision making to cultivate an interdisciplinary mindset for effectively managing the healthcare systems.

 On announcing the executive program offering Ms Ranjita Raman, CEO, Jaro Education, said “We are delighted to join hands with IIM Tiruchirappalli to deliver a program that addresses the growing demand for skilled healthcare management professionals. The Indian health-tech market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 39% and touch US$50 billion by 2033, and the healthcare sector will generate 58,000 job opportunities by 2025. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, this partnership between Jaro Education and IIM Tiruchirappalli is poised to make a significant impact on the education and professional development of individuals aspiring to thrive in the healthcare sector.”

Quote from IIM Tiruchirappalli Director, “Our mission is to nurture a learning environment that assimilates, disseminates, and creates knowledge of global standards adding value to the society and nation. Our institute is transcending to new heights and stands true to its motto: ‘Gyaanam Anantam’ which means ‘Knowledge is Infinite’. Continuous learning is the foundation for better value creation and our institute aspires to instill in its students an unceasing desire to learn. We not only focus on imparting knowledge but also instill the core values and ethos of invincible Indian culture. With this Healthcare program, we strive to create dynamic and innovative future leaders who could bring positive changes in Society.”.

The Healthcare industry focused program will equip the professionals with the tools and techniques used for comprehensive healthcare management from commencement to conclusion.  The program is open to any graduates with at least 50% marks or equivalent CGPA, and to professionals and entrepreneurs associated with healthcare and allied sectors with a minimum of 2 plus years of domain experience in the same industry.

 The program is designed and delivered with Jaro Education’s award-winning blended learning model (online and campus immersion), the program module offers the understanding of management foundation, market and competitive strategy, measuring and optimizing health outcomes and costs, financing, marketing and pricing strategies, crisis management etc. It will enable the professionals to effectively leverage on healthcare complexities at the highest level, deliver personalized experiences at scale and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

On completion of the executive program successfully, the learners will be eligible for the Executive Education Alumni status of Tiruchirappalli and receive the prestigious ‘Certificate of Completion’ from India’s most prestigious business school. Jaro Education will help the learners with its career assistance offering Resume Review, Placement Assistance and Career Enhancement sessions, bridging connectivity and enhancing the quality of employment opportunities.

The applications for the ‘PG Certificate Program in Healthcare Management’ program are now open, and interested in learning more about the programme, eligibility requirements, and admissions process kindly visit: https://www.jaroeducation.com/post-graduate-certificate-in-healthcare-management-programme-pgchcmp-iim-tiruchirappalli/