Jawan’s Ripple Effect: Political Leader Share Their Insights on Political Literacy

Jawan’s Ripple Effect: Political Leader Share Their Insights on Political Literacy
  • Maharashtra Youth Leader Satyajeet Tambe said Politics is in Daily Lives, Choose Carefully

September 22, 2023

Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan has taken the industry by storm and is shattering records by the day. Even outside the industry, the core theme of the movie and content has appealed to audiences outside the entertainment fraternity.

The theme of political literacy has been aptly identified by leaders and are sharing their bit on the all-important issue.

Satyajeet Tambe, youth leader and MLC of Nashik Graduates Constituency, recently took to social media and shared Jawan’s video regarding political literacy and the importance of good governance. He said everything surrounding you is run by political machinery.

This is how Tambe defines political literacy: “According to me, it is a person’s understanding of the daily activities one is surrounded by. Right from the water you drink to the final rites of a person and from the food you eat to the sewage pipeline, everything is implemented by the political machinery. It is a sense of evaluating your daily life and how positively or negatively you are affected by it,” said Tambe.

As SRK’s character in another blockbuster Pathaan says that a soldier doesn’t ask what the country has done for you, instead asks what he can do for the country.

Similarly, a public representative is someone who should serve citizens and understand their needs. In order to ensure the representative pays heed to us, a voter or a citizen can learn the ways how to make them listen to us.

Tambe adds that being a good citizen is the beginning of being politically literate. “Understanding how each system functions is one way of understanding the political framework. There is a reason why bureaucracy exists; making sure that it functions properly and keeping them on their toes is our job. If a representative fails to deliver, s/he should be held responsible irrespective of the party you are for or against.”

Tambe also feels that party performance should take precedence over its ideology. “Ideology won’t yield concrete returns, but performance will.
Meet different kinds of people who don’t share the same view as yours and understand their point of view without judging or retorting. Try to think without any biases for or against any party. Meet your representatives and voice your genuine opinion with them. They should be at your service, for that is their primary job.”

Meanwhile, Jawan has crossed the 500-crore bracket and is on its way to becoming the highest-grosser of the year, leaving his own film Pathaan behind.