JBS announces use of blockchain technology to enhance conservation of the Amazon


As a part of the global sustainability targets, JBS initiated a Program Together for the Amazon to protect as well as to develop the Amazon Biome. This program suggested actions that are beyond its value chain and by involving the industry.

Value chain development, forest keeping and restoration, support for native communities, and development that is scientific and technological are the very basic pillars that hold the program. The JBS green platform is an initiative that comes under the value chain development. This initiative will cross-check information that includes livestock transportation data about the direct suppliers of the company from former supply chain links.

The advantage of blockchain technology is that the company can assure the security and the privacy of their personal as well as other information regarding the producers and also ensure lucidity in the analyses of the sellers. JBS has been successful in overseeing its entire cattle supplying farms by using rigid sustainability standards. These standards include trespassing on the protected region such as indigenous lands, hard labor, or any of the forbidden areas. JBS analyzes around 50,000 properties which are in the Amazon region.

The JBS fund for Amazon is a finance initiative to achieve the other three pillars of the program such as conservation of the forest, development of the local community, and sustainable development of science and technology. In the first five years, JBS contributed R$ 250 million and is planning to reach R$ 1 billion by 2030 with the involvement of other stakeholders.

The former CEO of Seara, Joanita Maestri Karoleski will head up the fund with the support of the FISCAL council and Board of directors along with a technical committee and a consultative council who will also assist to select contribution receiving projects which will be audited by the KPMG. As a part of being transparent the whole process, its impact, and results are updated on the program site.

JBS is all set to launch engagement campaigns to ensure that its suppliers’ suppliers are also on the Green platform by the year 2025. Along with this JBS will also assist its producers with advice on legal, environmental and animal husbandry. The major objective of this to improvise stewardship, environmental regularization, and sustainability.


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