Unlimited Free Photo Storage of Google comes to an End Next Year From 1 June 2021


Google is ending its free unlimited photo storage backup next year. It is ending its service from 1 June 2021, after the date a subscription is needed to get cloud storage. After 1 June 2021, only 15 GB of storage space will be free.

The photos that will upload after 1 June 2021 will be count against the free data limit of 15 GB. Photos uploaded before the data are available under the unlimited option of storage. The Google account includes Gmail and a drive of 15 GB. The existing content uploaded with high quality before 1 June 2021 is free from this change. Only the photos that are going to upload after the date will start counting under this scheme. A warning message will be provided when the user approaches 15GB of storage space.

There are two options provided by Google till now to upload and backup photos. The first option is to uploads photos and videos as an original quality that means in original size and resolution.  The second one is the high-quality option that compresses the videos and photos without any significant loss of quality. Compression is done to reduce the size of photos and videos uploaded. Both the options are free and unlimited till 1 June 2021. So there was no need to worry about storage space but now the case becomes different.

In India, there are four subscription options available, 100 GB storage plan at Rs.130, 200GB storage plan at Rs 210 per month, 2TB storage plan at Rs 650 per month, and 10TB storage plan at Rs 3,250 per month.

Google Pixel phone users can upload their photos and videos even after the data (1 June 2021). All the high-quality videos and photos uploaded from any Google pixel phone are free. That includes Google Pixels, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 4, and Google Pixels 5 series. According to a Google report, they have stored as much as 4 trillion photos and videos globally, and every week about 28 billion photos and videos are uploaded.

The free unlimited photo storage service of Google was used across the world. Google is also introducing a new policy that if an account is inactive or not logged in for at least two years data will be deleted from the account. Only 15 GB of storage space will be free after 1 June 2021.


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