Distributed enterprise data loss prevented by Palo Alto


The cloud service of Palo Alto will prevent the data loss of distributed enterprises. Their prevention services help to protect IP or Intellectual Property.

Data breaches are growing problems around the world. The existing legacy and solution are not effective for several companies. Palo Alto Enterprise DLP or Data Loss Prevention solution is powerful as they prevent data breaches by automatically identifying confidential IP or intellectual property. Data breaches are a growing problem and most of the Data Loss Prevention systems currently available were designed to help the world-wide organization that huge protection budgets and staff. The solution helps to prevent sensitive data that is at rest and motion across the network. 

Palo Alto Company is a cybersecurity service company, and its core products are a platform including firewall and cloud-based offerings that extend firewalls to cover aspects of security. Palo Alto network was listed 8th in the Forbes Digital 100 in the year 2018. 

Palo Alto Company mentioned that Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) detects sensitive data by tapping existing control points, including Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls, Prisma Access, Prisma Cloud, and Prisma SaaS, VM-Series, and use a machine learning-based data classification system for identifying data patterns. They also mentioned the system can detect and address a broken business process and quarantine sensitive files exposed to cloud storage. 

Senior Vice President and General Manager at cybersecurity of Palo Alto Anand Oswal commented that the service will let customers define the data protection policies and configurations once and then apply them to every network site and cloud where the organization has data. This will make it easy for security teams to deploy DLP or Data Loss Prevention when an organization adds new branches or users. 

DLP or Data Loss Prevention is the tool that companies can use to protect their data as a comment by Heidi She, a principal analyst with Forrester. As a centralized cloud service provider, Palo Alto Networks Enterprise DLP or data loss prevention system can be deployed across a large enterprise quickly without any additional infrastructure.


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