Jeep India optimistic about 2022 auto sector outlook


Jeep India, one of the brands managed by the renowned mobility provider and automaker Stellantis, currently has two products in its Indian portfolio – Compass and Wrangler. It sold 5282 units of SUVs in 2020, followed by 12,136 in 2021, which shows a growth of about 130% in its sales, despite the pandemic affecting the industry.  

This has encouraged the brand to be optimistic about the outlook for the automobile sector in 2022, notwithstanding the concerns about the Omicron variant of the pandemic. The company is positive about the outlook for domestic automobile sales and is looking forward to launching new products in 2022.  

At its domestic facility in Ranjangaon near Pune, it has been assembling the facelift SUV model Compass since June 2017 and started assembling the Wrangler variant in March last year at the same facility.  

Jeep India head Nipun Mahajan said “The market resilience emboldens us to be pretty positive on the market outlook. The last four to five years showed the market going through various ups and downs and despite this, the bounce back is pretty good.”  

Commenting on the domestic automobile industry, he said that the Indian consumers are capable of creating good markets irrespective of the consequences of the pandemic. The rise in consumer requirements has enhanced the growth of the automobile sector in 2021.  

Covid implications were visible in the industry at the beginning of 2021 but by the end of the year, businesses recovered well. Jeep India saw an increase of 20% in sales volume in 2021, as compared to the pre-pandemic times of 2019.  

Jeep Compass was an SUV variant that received considerable positive responses from customers owing to the effort put by the company in creating customer-centric models, keeping their comfortability in mind in the pandemic period.  

Following this, a sum of about 250 million USD has been invested in Jeep India for new product development, which means that the company will keep on developing products adhering to customer needs and satisfaction.   

Two new products have already been lined up for launch in 2022, and the brand is eagerly looking forward to introducing the new Compass Trailhawk model to its customers.

Being in the premium brands segment, the upcoming releases are expected to strengthen the brand’s position in the market. 

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