Non-alcoholic Vitamin D beer from Corona – the first of its kind


Corona Sunbrew, the world’s first non-alcoholic beer with Vitamin D has been launched by the beer brand Corona, owned by Belgian company AB InBev. The inaugural launch was in Canada and will be rolled out to various outlets across the world in the next stage.  

The remarkable feature of Corona Sunbrew 0.0% is the component of vitamin D, a compound which is sensitive to light and oxygen and insoluble in water – said Brad Weaver, global Vice President for Innovation, Research and Development of AB InBev, reacting to the launch.  

He added that the team had to overcome many challenges in the brewing process for this first-of-its-kind beverage, due to its unique composition. The resources invested in the Innovation, Research and Development team came into fruition to create a unique value proposition for the product.  

This innovative, non-alcoholic beer has a composition of 30% daily value of vitamin D (according to Canadian Guidelines). The alcohol content of Corona Extra is extracted, and the non-alcoholic liquid is blended with vitamin D and natural flavours to create Corona Sunbrew 0.0%.  

In Canada, the brand followed a winter launch, owing to the limited sun time of the year, which has created an ideal market for this innovation. Corona Sunbrew goes with the tagline “Sunshine, Anytime” referring to its content of vitamin D, stored in people’s chosen drink for the long winter nights.  

With its launch of Corona Sunbrew 0.0%, AB InBev joins the list of companies producing non-alcoholic beer brands. It aims to have 20% of its product portfolio for non-alcoholic beer by 2025, which was just 8% in 2019.  

Supporting the launch, a creative campaign was released in the media, which showed the sun-kissed beaches of Costa Rica, and people enjoying the drink at the beach from sunrise till sundown.   

Felipe Ambra, global vice president for Corona, said that the brand is always innovating to keep up with changes in consumer preferences. Corona is a brand that was born on the beach, and people love to have the feeling of the sun on their skin, which Corona symbolizes the best now.  

From the ideation phase to the campaigning phase, brand Corona collaborated with the creative agency DAVID Miami, and this collaboration resulted in taking the product idea to the next level. 

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