What is the role of serum in winter skincare?


ITC Charmis has selected actress Kiara Advani as its brand ambassador. It has also released a television commercial showcasing her promoting their deep radiance face serum.

With #Swish-Dab-Dab-Dab, Charmis deep radiance face serum offers a technique that shows its light texture and quick absorption. This helps to keep skin shining and bright. In the humorous illustration, the serum’s effectiveness and utility value is narrated.

The R&D team of ITC’s Life Sciences and Technology Centre developed the product based on extensive research and world-class experience in biosciences. Charmis Deep Radiance Serum is a moisturising serum that enhances skin radiance.

Kiara represents the enthusiasm and vibrancy that is synonymous with the new Charmis line, and we are delighted to present her as the new face of the brand, Sameer Satpathy, Divisional Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited, commented.

Winter is difficult, and you must first determine what suits you best before choosing a product. When the temperatures are low and the humidity is low, you should concentrate on adding moisture to your self-care routine.

The harsh cold temperature and dry indoor air frequently leave skin dry, flaky, itchy, chapped, and lacking in lustre or glow during the winter, necessitating deep hydration and ingredient-specific remedies. To keep up with the changing seasons, winter skincare methods are required to keep the skin radiant, fresh, healthy, and hydrated during the wintertime.

It is critical to moisturise and feed the skin regardless of the season. Because serum penetrates the skin more deeply than a cream or moisturiser, it delivers a far higher concentration of active substances, which helps to increase moisture levels from the inside out.

 The serum also re-adjusts excess sebum on the face, giving the skin a healthy, well-moisturized appearance. Serums are your ticket to supple, nourished skin.

All skin types can benefit from a decent serum. The serum that has Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Vitamin C can give a better effect. It hydrates the skin, locks in crucial natural oils, and improves the barrier so that it can better protect itself from the cold.

While choosing moisturising creams, make sure you start with serums. Serums have a light gel-like or watery, non-sticky texture that absorbs swiftly into the skin, fulfilling the skin’s craving for moisture and leaving it with a fresh, dewy smooth finish.

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