JettWings Airways partners with Serbian Government School Aviation Academy for its Cadet Pilot Program

(L-R) Sanjay Aditya Singh, CEO & MD of JettWings Airways, His Excellency, Siniša Pavić, Ambassador of The Republic of Serbia in India and Rajat Ahuja, Director, VR Global Ltd. at the agreement signing ceremony
JettWings Airways partners with Serbian Government School Aviation Academy for its Cadet Pilot Program

New Delhi, Monday, 18th September, 2023: JettWings Airways, the newest entrant in the  Indian Aviation sector today signed an exclusive agreement with the Aviation Academy in Belgrade, Serbia for its Cadet Pilot Program “JettWings Serbia”. The agreement that was  signed at the Serbian High Commission in New Delhi is a ground breaking initiative as it marks  a significant milestone in the airline company’s commitment to cultivate the next generation  of highly skilled aviators. 

After India’s G20 presidency marks a significant milestone in its global leadership role, this is  an unprecedented feat for an Airline from Northeast region of India to position Northeast on the global map of aviation companies. With the inking of this pact, JettWings Airways plans  to create its own ecosystem of pilots to meet the long-term expansion plan of the airlines. 

The pact was signed by and between Sanjay Aditya Singh, CEO & MD of JettWings Airways,  Dr. Goran Cvijović, CEO, Aviation Academy of Serbia and Rajat Ahuja, Director, VR Global  Ltd., in the presence of His Excellency, Siniša Pavić, Ambassador of The Republic of Serbia in  India. 

“We are excited to launch our Cadet Pilot Program in association with the Serbian Government, a testament to our unwavering dedication to aviation excellence,” said Sanjay  Aditya Singh, CEO & MD of JettWings Airways. “This initiative represents a significant stride in  our mission to cultivate skilled aviators providing high-quality cost-effective program for  Indian nationals who will contribute to the industry’s growth and innovation,” he added. 

The Aviation Academy of Serbia is established by the Ministry of Education, Science & Technological Development of Serbia in which the State of Serbia is investing 65 million Euros  for further advancement of infrastructure and facilities to meet the aviation growth especially  from India. The Academy is one of the oldest schools in the world since year 1912 equipped  with state-of-the-art facilities, using cutting-edge technology, and a world-class team of  experienced instructors. 

“We are thrilled to announce the ‘JettWings Serbia – Cadet Pilot Program’, an exclusive flight  training pact signed between JettWings Airways, VR Global Ltd and Aviation Academy of  Serbia, having an over 100-year-old global legacy of training pilots & aviation personnel. We  will proudly train JettWings Airways pilots,” expressed HE Siniša Pavić, Serbian Ambassador to  India. The Academy that will be co-branded as JettWings Serbia, shall offer a range of  programs, including ATP (A) Integrated course which we have chosen for our cadets.  Additionally, the institute will provide specialized training in areas such as instrument flying,  multi-engine operations, and advanced aviation technologies.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sanjive Narain, Chairman of JettWings Airways said, “We understand the critical role of well-trained pilots in ensuring the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Through this Cadet Program we shall place paramount importance on  safety, adhering to rigorous industry standards and best practices.” 

India, the fastest growing aviation market and third largest market globally, is woefully facing  an acute shortage of pilots, both experienced Captains and First Officers. A conservative estimate of 15-16 pilots per plane ordered by Indian airline companies means 17,000-18,000  pilots are required over the next decade. That is, 1,700-1,800 per year on an average with a  requirement of approximately 1400 First Officers. JettWings Airways in its modest expansion  plan expects to train and include approximately 800 pilots in the next five years alone, while  also planning to train an additional 1200 pilots in its facility in Serbia, to cater to the national  shortage. 

“Our flight training program is designed for the issue of the European license as well as to  satisfy regulatory requirements by DGCA India which are incorporated in the ATP(A) program for the license conversion. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to encompass  comprehensive theoretical knowledge, hands-on practical training which includes  Advanced UPRT, MCC course on state-of-the-art Alsim FNPT-II device, CRM training with  airline specific requirements all tailored to meet the exacting standards of the aviation  industry” quoted Rajat Ahuja, Director of VR Global. 

Students enrolled in the JettWings Airways cadet program will benefit from a holistic learning  experience, evidence-based training, digital classroom instruction and flight training using  Flight Logger. Moreover, they will have access to mentorship opportunities with seasoned  pilots and exposure to JettWings Airways’ operational environment. Our first batch of cadet  pilots shall begin their training from 15th November 2023.


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