JITO Angel Network Invests In Saas Startup


JITO Angel Network (JAN) is a platform that focuses on new venture investing. The firm has invested in 45+ companies and is currently invested across various sectors and is deeply looking to invest in defense and space tech companies. The firm not only invests but also leverages the entire JITO community for business growth.

Mumbai-based BHyve is a work platform for diffusing employee tactic knowledge and using peer learning networks. They believe that the future of work is remote, partnered, and social. It is a go-to platform for information and remote workforce productivity. Their main features – Diffuse Employee Wisdom at Scale – Future of Work Technologies helps CIOs get access to valuable assets of their company. The wisdom of the employees –reduce time to find internal knowledge with the algorithms of BHyve. Tactic knowledge can be made available with just a click of a button to make sure no employee is left out.

BHyve raised around $300,000 from the JITO Angel network along with Letsventure and other angel investors. Backed with 100X.VC in May this year, BHyve is going to use this freshly infused capital for boosting sales, marketing, and brand building. The funds will also be used for improving the technology and build clientele. “Raising money through JITO Angel Network has been an insightful experience. We appreciate the hands-on nature and speediness of the deal. With a supportive team, Great smart capital, and a very progressive investment thesis, has helped us to demonstrate our vision and get marquee investors on board,” said Omkar Pandharkame, Co-founder, BHyve.

Globally, this tactic of knowledge represents a downfall of $110 billion to corporations every year. BHyve, a SaaS Future of Work platform helps organizations to document the tactic knowledge and introduce peer learning networks, this leads to an increase of around 35% in productivity and about 30% reduction in time spent looking for information.

The founder of Insurepays, Keerthi Kumar, believes that with intuitive technological solutions, BHyve helps organizations to diffuse employee wisdom and exponentially reduce time and efforts to know about the internal knowledge, introduce peer learning, and unfold the tactic knowledge at the split of a second.

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