John Jacobs’ Brand Film Spotlights Stirring Scenes & Human Moments

John Jacobs’ Brand Film Spotlights Stirring Scenes & Human Moments
John Jacobs’ Brand Film Spotlights Stirring Scenes & Human Moments

Infused with lived experiences, John Jacobs’ first-ever brand film, conceptualised by Talented Agency, is all about heartfelt moments

17th November, National:
 ‘Stay Seen’ is a testament to life’s ebbs and flows seen in a new light through the lenses of individuals who share a zest for life. This cinematic piece of work seamlessly weaves relatable human narratives with the core purpose of John Jacobs’ eyewear – seeing and being seen.

The narrative of the film not only filters through visually striking scenes, but also dives into more vulnerable POVs. Breaking the usual template for fashion adverts, ‘Stay Seen’ brings with it a stronger, more relevant perspective – it doesn’t separate ‘looking good’ from ‘feeling good’.

Fashion is a powerful form of self-expression, and like art, is a tool to disrupt and reframe perspectives. And so, the characters in this film wear their personalities, desires and emotions up their sleeves, accentuated with the choice of eyewear that best suits their being. The cast has been carefully chosen to represent people from different walks of life, diverse life stages, lived experiences, and outlooks on life. Each of the characters don eyewear from John Jacobs’ classic catalogue, from trendsetting acetate eyewear to masterful metalworks.

The montage captures a host of experiences from cherishing safe spaces to grieving a pet’s death. The brand aims to spark discourse around the modern-day human experience. This film captures the soul of the zeitgeist and subtly signals winds of change in how we see ourselves and the world around us.

Apeksha Gupta, CEO, John Jacobs said, “From the get-go, we wanted to showcase what John Jacobs stands for with this brand film. The manifesto of ‘Stay Seen’ does exactly that – puts the spotlight on the wearers, not the glasses. The spirit of ‘Stay Seen’ reflects the brand’s core ethos–transparency, authenticity and originality. The products featured in the film match the mood and personality of the characters, and that’s a win right there.”

Pooja Manek, Founding member of Talented Agency says, “This film takes inspiration from the profound storytelling style of coming-of-age films–a showcase of protagonists learning about friendships, love, ageing, immortality, self-expression, and more, through the moments they experience. Fashion is an accelerator to make you feel more YOU. And so, be it eyeglasses or sunglasses, each person has their own style that they choose to see the word through.”

Bosco Bhandarkar, the director of ‘Stay Seen’ comments, “The real challenge and opportunity was to make sure the emotions don’t take a backseat while we do justice to showcasing the product in every sequence. Our music director, Rahul Pais from The Jamroom, experimented with a host of genres before arriving at soulful electronic pop to make this film sound as evocative as it looks. The clients allowed us massive creative and cinematic liberty and we’re chuffed with the final output.”

We are shaped by our outlook, but the world around us is also defined by how we see it. ‘Stay Seen’ by John Jacobs sheds a bright spotlight on the wearers, who express their point of view with authenticity, vulnerability and style.

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