Judges from Shark Tank 2 Discuss the Show’s Improvements 

Judges of Shark Tank 2 Discuss the Show's Improvement
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In India, Shark Tank has grown to become one of the most popular programs ever. The producers quickly released the second season after season 1’s enormous success. And shortly after it was introduced, its appeal persisted. 

The TRPs reflect the fervent interest viewers have shown in each episode. The show’s buzz is so intense that it has even flooded social media

Fish Tank The mindset of people toward the startup culture has undergone a significant shift as a result of India. No matter your age, financial situation, or level of education, if you have a business idea, it can lead to a successful startup, thanks to the show. 

The season 2 judges discussed how the new season will differ from the previous one in their interview with ET Now. Amit Jain, CEO and co-founder of the CarDekho Group, Peyush Bansal, co-founder and CEO of Lenskart.com, and Vineeta Singh, co-founder and CEO of Sugar Cosmetics, discussed India’s entrepreneurial mindset and other topics. 

Ashneer Grover, a co-founder of Bhartpe, and Ghazal Alagh, a co-founder of Mama Earth, were two of the earlier sharks who left the show for various reasons. Both are missed by the audience. The key messages that viewers of Shark Tank India missed included Ghazal’s advice to business owners and Ashneer’s sincere advice as well as his anger. 

In addition, according to the judges, 40% of the business owners who attended the show to pitch their concepts to the shark were female. The judges provided additional season two insights. Around 89% of the deals, according to the sharks, go to people with backgrounds outside of IIT and IIM

Because of their grassroots connections, the judges on Shark Tank India have discovered that people in the 18–86 age range are more likely to receive funding for their businesses. 

According to CarDekho Group CEO and co-founder Amit Jain, second-season business owners were more creative because they “established businesses under constraints.” 

He continued by saying that entrepreneurs are now identifying issues in their immediate surroundings and creating practical solutions, demonstrating how innovation has spread to the grassroots level. 

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