Jujhar Group introduces a new brand identity with a revised logo


After more than 30 years of excellence in a variety of businesses, Jujhar Group, a diverse conglomerate with its headquarters in Ludhiana, Punjab, introduces its new brand identity.

The new logo of Jujhar Group, which features a contemporary font and a strong red color, captures the forceful and vivacious nature of an organization that is enthusiastic about the future and the opportunities it offers. The logo also includes a “J” icon, which is meant to make the letter J synonymous with the brand.

The vibrant orange dot above the letter J signals the continuation of the legacy organization’s expansion as it works to both better solidify its position in its present verticals and expand its operations into emerging new industries. Overall, the color scheme of red, orange, and grey captures the fervor of a friendly, astute, and reliable Jujhar, perfectly capturing its growth-oriented mentality and outlook on the future.

Through its basic principle of “touching every element of people’s lives with high-quality products and outstanding service,” the Group has emerged as a leader across its numerous business sectors. Therefore, Jujhar Group thought it was finally time for them to move on to the next stage of their journey by uniting all of their enterprises under a brand-new, single, united identity.

The Jujhar Group has improved its brand identification as part of its expansion strategy to show that it is much more than just what is now believed to be a significant transport and logistics firm in North India.

The Jujhar Group is a multifaceted organization that provides a wide range of services across all of the key industries it serves, including logistics, entertainment, broadband, media, news reporting, real estate, infrastructure, hotel, and healthcare, with many more on the horizon.

At the unveiling of the new corporate identity, Gurdeep Singh, the founder and chairman of the Jujhar Group, said, “Having entered the next phase of our Group’s journey, I believe that this logo more accurately represents our vision, mission, and objectives, which have been updated to keep up with the times. This is a big step for our firm as we try to diversify into new markets and broaden our market reach.

Our goal has always been to deliver top-notch products and ensure client satisfaction. The Jujhar Group has a strong brand recall, a diverse conglomerate, and a seasoned, highly motivated management team, all of which are essential for explosive growth over the coming years, according to Singh.

The Jujhar Group is ready to emerge as one of the most successful corporate conglomerates in the country. Driven by its mission to alter people’s lives in ways that cannot yet be imagined, the group is supported by over three decades of experience and united behind a bold new identity.

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