Kantar’s studies reveal effects of pandemic on MSMEs in India


According to Kantar’s ITOPS 2020 research which finishes 25 years of following the MSME market in India, covering near 7000 MSMEs across 35 urban communities of India and SMB COVID Barometer study led by Kantar last year, the pandemic has had a strong effect in changing the business scene of the MSMEs in India.

The number of ‘Safe players’ (Businesses that don’t perceive any advantage in contributing if the financial condition isn’t at standard) had altogether expanded – from 35% in 2019 to 91% in June 2020. This implies that during COVID, more than 9 out of 10 organizations were not prepared to put further in their business.

Be that as it may, as COVID began putting down towards the year’s end (November/December’ 20), Kantar saw a significant redo in the MSME market. Simply 2 to out 10 organizations liked to stay safe players as others presumably understood that playing safe may not yield a lot during the overwhelming circumstance.

This is additionally apparent from the way that the extent of organizations in the ‘Fighter’ segment (Businesses that will put notwithstanding a poor monetary condition in the nation) expanded by multiple times inside 5 to a half year (from June’ 20 to Nov/Dec.’ 20). Regardless of whether we contrast the number and last year’s (2019) ITOPS, it has multiplied. This clarifies that organizations are presently prepared to battle in this situation so they can remain cutthroat and develop.

Naturally, the number went down to a small 3% in June 2020 when COVID was on the ascent and the nation was under severe lockdown. Nonetheless, it made a sharp recovery from thereon. Before the years over 2020, the greater part of the MSMEs was prepared to put resources into business once more.

It isn’t just the disposition towards moving toward the business that has changed, ITOPS 2020 has likewise uncovered that MSMEs are again perky with regards to getting ready for their business in the following year, considerably more unequivocally than prior, despite them being affected by COVID fundamentally.

MSMEs had certain field-tested strategies for 2020 however because of COVID they went into a shell and plans were not executed to the degree anticipated. In the end, organizations have perceived that COVID will remain, and to support and develop, they need to prepare well.

In the midst of COVID circumstances, almost 40% of the MSMEs in 2020, when contrasted with 34% last year, are looking towards dispatching new items and administrations in the coming next one year. During the principal wave of COVID, organizations were just keeping up with the norm and stayed away from development and a new item or administrations dispatches.

Notwithstanding, towards the year’s end this changed, and organizations increase to dispatch new items and administrations. This shows a sharp recovery here also and surprisingly more organizations today are hoping to offer a novel, new thing to their customers.

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