Kareena Kapoor Khan shares a friendly reminder on taking ‘Roz Ke Healthy Steps’ this World Heart Day for Saffola’s 40 Under 40 campaign

Kareena Kapoor Khan shares a friendly reminder on taking ‘Roz Ke Healthy Steps’ this World Heart Day for Saffola’s 40 Under 40 campaign

~Highlights the importance of prioritising health by making small changes to lifestyle to avoid 60 Ki Bimaariyaan in 40~

National, September 28, 2023: This World Heart Day (29th September, 2023) Saffola, the legacy brand synonymous with healthy living and heart health, joins hands with Kareena Kapoor Khan to urge India to prioritize their health by taking #RozKaHealthyStep.

The Saffola 40 Under 40 campaign, a movement aimed at addressing the pressing issue of 60 ki bimaryiaan 40 mein by inspiring India to embrace healthier living, has already inspired over 25000 individuals to take the Saffola Lifestyle Score and choose a healthier lifestyle over the course of past 8 weeks. To spread this message far and wide Saffola partnered with 40 young achievers and influencers, under 40 years of age, from diverse backgrounds who urged young India to take #RozKaHealthyStep towards a healthier lifestyle.

As World Heart Day approaches, Saffola aims to make this movement even larger and who better than Kareena Kapoor Khan, a living example of someone who has seen immense success in her career along with being an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, to inspire millions more to join this health movement. The brand has released a video featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan, where she shares a powerful message with India about prioritizing their health.

Kareena Kapoor Khan in her inimitable style emphasizes on how neglecting one’s health could lead to missing out on key opportunities to enjoy moments of joy that make up life. For instance, not being present to receive an award, missing out on your child’s school performance or being unable to accompany your parents on their special anniversary trip, all leading you to depend on others to stand in for you during life’s important occasions, all because your health is not supporting you. She goes on to emphasize that in the face of ’60 Ki Bimaariyaan 40 mein’, referring to the rising trend of lifestyle diseases among young Indians, people are missing out on special moments of happiness.

Watch the video here:

Youtube link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qRv24n4BeM

Speaking about the campaign, Somasree Bose Awasthi, Chief Marketing Officer, Marico Limited said, “The rising prevalence of lifestyle diseases among young Indians is a cause for concern, diseases that once happened at the age of 60 are now happening as early as 40. Hence, this World Heart Day, we want to remind everyone to take care of their health by eating right because if we truly want to enjoy moments of joy with our loved ones, we need to be healthy to be able to do so. We are proud to have partnered with Kareena Kapoor Khan, who is admired by millions, to encourage more and more people to take Roz Ke Healthy Steps and prevent 60 ki bimaariyaan in 40. As a health-centric brand, Saffola has always been committed to raising awareness about healthier living. With the Saffola 40 Under 40 initiative, our goal is to instil lasting habits that can enhance the lives of our consumers.”

The campaign comes at a time when a lack of focus on health has led to a significant rise in lifestyle diseases like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes impacting young Indians. Conditions and health issues that were once commonly associated with individuals in their 60s are now affecting Indians much earlier, at the age of 40 and under.

Start by checking your Saffola Lifestyle Score and Join the Movement today!

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