“Katrina Kaif” on board as Sugar-free’s new brand ambassador


Zydus Wellness on 4 September, said it has roped in Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif as the brand ambassador of its low-calorie sweetener brand ‘Sugar-Free’.

According to Zydus Welone Isadore Operating Officer and Director Tarun Arora, Bringing Katrina Kaif on board as Sugar-Free’s new brand ambassador is a step toward rushing the growth and strengthening of their position as the market leader.

Zydus Wellness has numerous brands other than sugar-free like Complan, Everyuth, Nycil, Glucon-D, Sugarlite and Nutralite.

Sugar-Free plays a significant role in the lives of consumers, especially during the festive season, as they are concerned with so much cautiousness about cutting calories and the fact that sugar is not good for health.

Over the years, sugar-Free has believed in reaching out to customers for the speculated opportunities of cutting the calories without compromising on the extravagance of great sweetness that these festivals provide.

Sugar-Free has a strong presence in India with a 93 percent market share of the sugar substitute category. The brand is well distributed worldwide, with a presence in 4.5 lakh outlets.

And Katrina’s passion for ablating and fitness reverberates strongly with the company’s brand values.

According to Katrina, she is happy to announce her association with Sugar-Free, a brand that has been at the forefront of making it simple for everybody to be able to start a fitness regime by ablating the empty calories from sugar.

She believes that there is a natural synergy within the way we see fitness and getting healthier as an organic lifestyle movement allows us to form the alternatives which are right for everyone.

It would help them to build on her massive popularity and following, to reach brand new audiences looking to take the first step toward fitness.

According to Zydus wellness, they were looking for a person who is admired and is looked up to as someone who manifests fitness, who carries the reliability of being a Sugar-Free’s fit in their profession. They heeded various celebrities and zeroed in on Katrina Kaif as their representative.

Considering that conviction and credibility are a few of the many traits of Katrina Kaif, she will be a great fit for Sugar-Free.

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