KFC adopts 7-minute express pick up featuring PT Usha in new ad film


Popular fast-food restaurant chain KFC recently released an ad campaign to inform customers about their new 7-minute order pick up. It is titled express pick up.

The ad featured the legendary PT Usha, known as the queen of speed, to express the brand’s promise of its express delivery to the customers.

The CMO of KFC India, Moksh Chopra, explained that their target group are the millennials. He added that the brand understands where their frequent customers come from and, from the data, they target the groups accordingly.

The main reason they have cast PT Usha was that there is a nationwide agreement that she embodies the concept of speed and, since the company is trying to express that concept, it was only wise to bring her in for the ad film.

KFC is not the first brand to bring a timeliness campaign.  Jubilant FoodWorks, Domino’s Pizza, had done a similar campaign previously that explained to the customers that if the order is not ready within 30 minutes, the pizza(s) will be free.

Similarly, KFC has expressed that if the order is not ready within 7-minutes, as stated, the customer will get a free piece of chicken along with their order.

Mr Chopra also explained that to fulfil this delivery process, adequate training must be given to all staff in every branch. Take out or, pick-up is very common in almost all fast-food chains.

When the pandemic began, people stopped eating in and, takeout and delivery became the only option. It was one of the primary reasons the brand focused on this campaign. In a time when customers are always ordering outside, KFC needed this campaign to fight with its strong competitors. Chopra added that customers are now preferring takeout whether it is delivered to their cars or takeaway to eat at home.

It is also important to consider that with the recent trends, especially since 2020, customers are now more impatient than ever to get their orders. This rapid change in consumer behaviour has been pressuring many brands to go to lengths to satisfy the customers.

Time and money are the two currencies that customers hold. Brands that work according to the present consumer behaviour will be valued by the customers and will prompt them to order frequently.

Companies that don’t keep up with expectations will tend to fall out in these times. As some people still resort to work-from-home, many fast-food chains see bigger orders from customers.

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