KFC declares its ok to not share

KFC declares its ok to not share
KFC declares its ok to not share

~KFC Chizza – chicken ka base, uspe cheese ka craze~

~Cult favourite is back on menus for a limited time~

~ Tastes so finger lickin’ good, ki sabko dikhaane ka, but khud khaane ka~


National, 15th November 2023: Some things aren’t meant to be shared. Like the crunchy, cheesy KFC Chizza.

The fan fav menu item from KFC brings together two things chicken lovers absolutely adore and find very difficult to share with anyone else – crispy chicken and gooey cheese. The iconic Colonel Sanders re-affirms this universal truth in a brand-new campaign film.

Picture this: a bustling KFC restaurant, where two hungry friends are engaged in a hilarious standoff. One is holding the cruncheesy KFC Chizza, while the other is eagerly waiting for his share. “Yaar bhai ke saath share nahi karega?” is the question hanging in the air. “Kaisi baat kar di yaar tune” comes the hurt reply as the first friend pulls out his phone. He then proceeds to ‘share’ the KFC Chizza – through a picture!

The film then seamlessly transitions to the heart of the action – the KFC kitchen, where the OG Celebrity Chef Colonel Sanders is seen working his magic with crispy chicken fillets, delectable pizza sauce, molten cheese, a smattering of onions and mixed peppers, and a drizzle of herb sprinkle. As the cheese bubbles over the saucy and juicy chicken, Colonel says enthusiastically “Sabko dikhane ka. Khud khane ka.

Aparna Bhawal, CMO, KFC India & Partner Countries said, “KFC Chizza is an iconic, cult favourite that the KFC tribe of chicken lovers just can’t get enough of. They are constantly waiting for it to come back on the menu. KFC Chizza has the perfect balance of crunch and cheese and that’s what makes it so irresistible and hence tough to share with anyone, even your best friends. So, you find innovative ways to get around the “sharing, no sharing” conundrum. Like sending them a virtual Chizza! We are thrilled to bring back this cruncheesy product on the menu for a limited time. We are already seeing great response from chicken lovers across the country, whether existing Chizza fans or those trying it for the first time.””


Ritu Sharda, CCO, North, Ogilvy India said, We bond over food all the time. It’s a cultural phenomenon that can be seen all around us, all the time. But hiding in there somewhere, is also a very natural, instinctive feeling we harbour. If the food is just too good, we just don’t want to share it.

KFC Chizza is that crazy, cult product. When you have it at the table, you’re happy to let people see it, as long as you don’t have to share it. And that’s the feeling we took a bite out of to come up with our latest KFC Chizza Campaign. “Sabko dikhane ka, khud khaane ka“.


The campaign will run on TV and digital platforms, along with a robust 360-degree plan.

Order the limited edition KFC Chizza now – visit a nearby KFC restaurant or order online using the all-new convenient KFC App, available on Google Play and the App Store, or through the website (https://online.kfc.co.in/).

Here is the link to watch the campaign film.