KFC launches its new ‘Value Burger’ by reinstating the ‘burger beliefs’ of Anil Kapoor


Consider the possibility that we revealed to you your whole life has been false. That the tiny, non-engaging bun-tikki isn’t the “Burger” you generally thought it was. Feeling tricked a lot? Well, this is what the superstar Anil Kapoor felt as well. In KFC India’s most recent campaign for their new scope of Value Burgers, Anil Kapoor gets his ‘burger beliefs’ restored by the Original Celebrity Chef – Colonel Sanders himself. Launching the new reach, the superstars dole out some significant exercises in burgering through this blockbuster film. Conceptualized by Ogilvy and Mather, the film clarifies how KFC’s new Value Burgers with chicken and veg alternatives are THE burgers you’ve been searching for. 

Busting legends and directing us towards the genuine, Value Burgers, Moksh Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC India, said, “With the new scope of Value Burgers, we are endeavoring to draw our shoppers nearer to the genuine and valid taste of burgers. Also, with an incentive beginning at just INR 69, these burgers are for anybody and every individual who’s hankering a snappy burger bite. KFC is known for its amazing burgers. Much the same as the unbelievable acting ability of Anil Kapoor – who is known the nation over for his depiction of some important characters and blockbuster films, settling on him an incredible decision for launching the Value Burgers’ campaign. Therefore, don’t miss this KFC exclusive on how Anil Kapoor gets his burger hallucinations broke, just to be re-established with the new scope of Value Burgers.” 

Looking at being a piece of the mission Anil Kapoor said, “Who doesn’t care for a decent burger?! My number one sorts are much the same as the new reach by KFC – with genuine chicken and veg filets at their crispiest best, delightful sauces and all meeting up in a delicate bun. Furthermore, best of all, the new scope of Value Burgers comes at a great price – which implies, extraordinary taste and more prominent worth – what more could you possibly ask for! I’m happy we could meet up for this jhakaas coordinated effort!” 

Expounding on the idea of the movies, Ritu Sharda, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy North, said, “We have all been liable of passing around tikkis in a bun camouflaged as burgers. Also, think about what, our legends have been in comparable circumstances as well. The dissatisfaction of searching for a genuine, delicious burger that satisfies your taste buds (and your wallet) is genuine. That careful feeling and afterward a definitive rush of delving into a real burger is the thing that we needed to catch in the film. The entertainers in the movies have so suitably depicted this ordinary battle, playing it flawlessly in their famous style.” 

The mission film featuring Anil Kapoor will be delivered on KFC’s social and advanced resources just as on TV. The film opens with Anil Kapoor on a shoot, hungry and desiring a genuine, delectable burger yet all things being equal, get given a tikki in a bun. This isn’t the burger he had always wanted and communicates his disappointment about it. At that point, Anil Kapoor in his jhakaas style shouts – “Agar yeh bun-tikki, burger hai, toh main Sonam Kapoor hoon, moochon ke saath!”. Stepping in to make all the difference (and Anil Kapoor from the sorry pardon of a burger) is our own personal Colonel Sanders with a resonant mariachi band close by. He does an applaud with a twist and terrains Anil Kapoor at a KFC restaurant, just to amuse him with the new scope of Value Burgers by KFC. The entertainer is struck by the genuine delicious chicken and veg fillings of these burgers, seasoned with rich, tart, and fiery sauces. One chomp of the burger and we know he’s discovered the genuine article! The new Value Burgers’ reach beginning at just INR 69 offers variations in chicken and veg alternatives. With KFC’s unmistakable firm delicious chicken or veg fillings, new crunchy lettuce, and kinds of velvety, tart, zesty sauces – the new reach is the solution to your burger desires, accessible across KFC eateries in the country. 

A territorial adjust of the film with a comparative storyline stars well-known entertainer Prakash Raj. He also is astounded at being offered a bun tikki as a burger and later relishes a burger from the Value Burgers range, with the Colonel close by.

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