Khaby Lame’s role within the ‘dimag lagana’ proposition on Dream11


Influencer marketing is one of the factors that is enabling this dynamic transition in the marketing industry. This was demonstrated once again by fantasy sports platform Dream11, which recently teamed with international social media personality Khaby Lame, who is known for reducing life’s seemingly complex issues.

The industry is praising the platform for recognising Lame’s fit for the brand phrase “Dimaag lagana hai toh Dream11 pe laga na” and his pairing with comedic content creator Viraj Ghelani’s ability to bring it to the correct audience.

“It is a phenomenally sensible move on Dream11’s part,” One Impression Founder-CEO Apaksh Gupta comments. They’ve always been early adopters in the sector, and this time they’ve paved the way for a whole new era of location-independent marketing. It’s a good approach to use Khaby Lame and Viraj Gehlani, both of whom have the kind of followers that are the TG for a site like Dream 11.”

“Viraj is well acclaimed for his quirky style of humour across Indian social media,” says En:lyft Founder-CEO Ajay Kudva. Khaby’s signature style of satire on refined mannerisms and extravagant tactics is well-known. His movies on simplifying things are available in a variety of languages and cultures, and they have a global audience.

As a result, combining both of these videos has a dual purpose: it strengthens Dream11’s dominance in cricket during the IPL while simultaneously positioning Dream11 as a global brand for fantasy sports beyond cricket, such as soccer and basketball.”

Sasha D Cunha, co-founder and CEO of Tyche Media, believes that the influencer selection for the campaign could have been better: “I think Dream11 would have definitely done adequate due diligence before hiring both the influencers. Despite the fact that the concept is very Khaby Lame, I do not believe he is a good fit for Dream11.

If Dream11 is targeting the Indian market, the fact that we do not have TikTok in India clearly translates to Khaby having no followers or fan following in India. When comparing Khaby to Viraj, I believe Viraj is still in his infancy, and while he does post entertaining content on his page, a company like Dream 11 might have chosen better options more suited to their target audience.”

“The subject is incredibly relatable,” Kudva says. It hits the perfect note by expanding on Dream11’s main message of #Dream11PeDimaagLagaNa Khaby’s signature style, as well as the combined reach of both influencers, all work in the ad’s favour.”

Kudva ends by stating that marketers have begun to pay attention to content and audience fit, which allows for creative geo-agnostic campaigns such as this. “Instead of the ‘in your face’ endorsements seen in the past, brands are increasingly searching for inventive ways to incorporate into the influencer’s content style.

This is a long-standing trend in the mobile phone and consumer electronics industries. It’s encouraging to see other companies pursuing similar prospects. This is usually beneficial to broadening a brand’s horizon.”

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