Kia outlines its current purpose for the brand and its future plan


During a digital showcase event, Kia revealed new specifics of its new brand intent and goals for the future. Backed with a new company slogan,’ Encouraging Revolution,’ Kia today announces new specifics of a plan that will see the business reach beyond car manufacture and create consumers with affordable mobility solutions.

Kia also unveiled a new corporate name to signal that the company is moving away from its conventional production-driven business model. Kia will grow into new and evolving market markets by providing creative transportation goods and services to enrich the everyday lives of consumers by dropping ‘Motors’ from its name (formerly ‘Kia Motors Corporation’).

Comments from Ho Sung Song, President, and CEO, Kia Corporation “Kia, we agree that there is a human right to travel, freedom, and movement. Our mission is to create sustainable options for mobility for global users, cities, and populations. With the announcement of our new brand mission and plan for the future, we are starting to bring this vision into motion today”.

Today, Kia’s latest brand slogan,’ Encouraging Movement,’ is launched at the core of a brand manifesto that represents Kia’s new mission of motivating customers through goods and services and their brand experiences.

The new brand mission of Kia stresses that movement is at the center of human development. Movement encourages individuals to visit new locations, encounter new individuals, and have new experiences. This relation is the essence of the new brand of Kia-to allow human advancement by delivering creative in-car environments, revolutionary new goods, and meaningful, easy services that inspire clients and free up time for the things they love most.

Senior Vice President, Head of Global Brand & Consumer Service at Kia, Artur Martins, said, Movement has always been at the heart of our business, bringing individuals to the forefront of our organization. Movement allows humanity to grow, enhance, and evolve continuously. That is why we at Kia claim that innovations are motivated by movement.

For more than 75 years, Kia has been in the ‘movement’ market, and the company continued to build Korea’s first domestic bicycles and to produce motorcycles and delivery vehicles. Today, Kia is one of the world’s leading automakers, supplying millions of individuals around the world with high-value passenger cars.

The new brand strategy of Kia is to adapt to these evolving demands and mold them by designing a variety of goods and services to satisfy the needs of consumers in markets around the world. This will have better access to a broader variety of environmentally friendly mobility goods and services to satisfy the increasing need for scalable, personalized, individualized mobility solutions from consumers around the world.


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