“Kick out 2020” campaign by Bata India


Bata India launches a campaign named “Kick out 2020”, where the campaign promotes the message to forget all the tough and dull situation everyone has faced. The campaign also suggests people eradicate their negative thinking, removing stress and anxiety, and to forget about all the hardships they have been through this year.

The campaign features Kriti Sanon, who is the brand ambassador of Bata India and both the campaign and TVC concept was developed by Contract advertising and Bata. The campaign shows a more detailed version of the current situation that everyone is going through, which was caused due to the outbreak of the pandemic and the fear of not knowing what lies ahead that is making everyone anxious and stressed.

Vice president of marketing of Bata India, Anand Narang stated that the campaign was launched to create a positive thought in the minds of the people, by reminding them to think about good moments that they had been through and also to bring everyone out from their state of depression and also help to help to think about positive thoughts.

The campaign also states everyone should be as happy they were before by enjoying themselves before the pandemic but by following the safety measures and states that the campaign is relatable and understandable as it shows what thoughts everyone was going through the last six months.

The campaign spreads a message in the minds of the people by suggesting them to adapt to the current situation and enjoy the moments in life while following the safety norms. The campaign includes the thoughts and worries an individual goes through, where all people of all age groups are equally affected by situations starting from young to old and people nowadays have reduced their talk to their near ones.

The campaign promotes the message that if the year 2020 is considered a disaster, people should try to forget about the problem and that everyone should have positive thoughts, and to achieve it, the person’s approach of thinking towards the matter has to be changed.


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