Kinder Joy looking for a New Face with #WhatsYourKidsWay Campaign


Kinder Joy is a delicious treat that comes with a surprise toy. This special treat comes in a well-designed portion size, which has a dual taste of milky cream made of finest cow’s milk and yummy cocoa cream with two crunchy wafer bites filled with cocoa cream.

The surprise toys come in a wide range and can be gathered, hence feeding the kid’s longing for surprise and play.

Kinder Joy, a confectionery brand of the Ferrero Group, one of the world’s top manufacturers of sweet packaged products, is bringing back the consumer campaign #WhatsYourKidsWay, in which customers may express their children’s favorite manner of eating Kinder Joy.

One lucky winner will star in Kinder Joy’s next photo session, while daily winners will be entered to win an electronic tablet. The promotion was intended to honor a child’s distinct approach to enjoying their favorite dessert, Kinder Joy.

The Kinder Joy campaign represents pure moments of delight, in keeping with the brand’s philosophy of encouraging that special side of a kid. Enticing mothers and children with something tasty for the youngsters while assuring women of the milk’s richness and supply of vitamin B12.

This campaign’s digital approach centers around #WhatsYourKidsWay of enjoying the delectable delicacy, where parents can join in one simple step by visiting the Kinder website and registering with a photo of themselves and their child devouring Kinder Joy in their unique style.

“Kinder Joy campaigns are all about the lovely and memorable moments with children,” Amedeo Aragona, Brand Head, Kinder India, explained. With Kinder Joy, we hope to inspire parents to celebrate their child’s unique qualities with a special gift, without having to worry about the product’s ingredients or standard.

Our goal with the #WhatsYourKidsWay campaign is to give parents a fun way to begin celebrating the taste experience with their children, and we are convinced that the campaign will do so.

The digital campaign will run from the 4th of December this year through the 14th of January 2022 , and will contain a digital video on #WhatsYourKidsWayofEnjoyingKinder Joy, as well as a daily chance to win an electronic tablet or be featured in the next Kinder Joy photograph.

In addition, all participants will receive a guaranteed Rs.30/- digital payback, with weekly winners receiving select hobby sessions. The campaign will be promoted on major social media and over-the-top (OTT) channels.

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