Kirloskar strengthens partnership with CNNIC


India’s leading multi engineering conglomerate, Kirloskar has renewed its partnership with CNN International Commercial (CNNIC) and will sponsor two shows and a variety of digital initiatives as part of the networks multi-platform ‘Going Green’ campaign. Kirloskar and CNNIC will continue working towards their mutual commitment of developing a green future by strengthening their 12-year long partnership.

 The advertising and sponsorship campaign will allow Kirloskar to align with current and captivating content based on environmental issues on CNN international TV, Social and Digital platforms. The shows aim to highlight the work of environmental crusaders who have been working tirelessly towards developing innovative, green solutions for various environmental challenges.

The show will provide insights about the Eco-inventors and their various technological inventions for environmental sustainability.

The Kirloskar sponsored ‘Going Green’ shows will be aired on CNN international in July and December.

The Kirloskar Group ploughed the seeds of Industrial Revolution by introducing the iron plough. Since then the group has expanded across a wide range of industrial equipment like pumps, eco-friendly diesel engines, air-conditioning, CNG compressors and also a range of products for the automotive sector like transmission castings etc. The group aims to employ their expertise in bringing about a positive transformation, ushering in prosperity and smiles in the lives of its customers spread across the globe. The partnership will further enable Kiloskar to substantiate their ongoing commitment of manufacturing products and providing greener technology solutions that promote green living.

As per Sunita Rajan, Senior VP, Advertising sales, Asia-Pacific, CNNIC, the collaboration is an effort to celebrate the Green heroes and their forward thinking developments, as they are creating massive changes for a more sustainable environment.

The inventive content network CNN IC is the division of Warner Media which handles the properties of CNN outside USA. It has an extensive portfolio of news and information services across major TV mobile and digital platforms.

CNNIC aims to create compelling content and inspire the affluent global viewers through their high-production storytelling, data insights and analytics.

In 2019, the ‘Going Green’ campaign explored the city dwellers and their significant role in protecting the environment.


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