Allen Solly’s latest ad encourages the use of masks


With the continued rise in confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally, everyone has been recommended to wear masks when they step out of their houses. Masks have played a significant role in maintaining health and safety standards and they act as a barrier protecting people from viral and bacterial particulates.

 The latest ad by Allen Solly is a fresh take on the importance of wearing masks in the post-COVID era as masks have become a part of daily life. Unlike ads by other brands, Allen Solly’s ad is light-hearted, refreshing and propagates the message of wearing masks anytime a person leaves their house for any purpose.

Since the lockdown has been lifted, several areas and offices have been reopened, people have been stepping out to report to work, although the numbers vary as per rules, wearing masks has been made mandatory for everyone heading outdoors.

The ad, conceptualised by Ogilvy, a leading advertising, marketing and Public Relations agency, attempts to show how masks have seamlessly merged into our daily lives, events and activities and the ease with which the masks can be worn. As per the ad, wearing a mask is as easy as wearing a smile. This signifies that wearing masks is not a burden, and can be easily worn by everyone.  

It has now become a part of the daily routine of getting ready for work in the morning, to wearing a mask even within the office spaces, so as to maintain safety and hygiene while in close proximity to other employees. The ad also shows a father asking his child to wear a mask properly as she steps out with her bicycle. The ad also highlights the latest range of masks by Allen Solly, available in various shapes, sizes and colours.

As per Anil.S.Kumar, COO, Allen Solly, masks have become an unavoidable necessity. The latest campaign aims to connect the concept of masks to a human characteristic, Smile.

Through the campaign, the brand motivates people to express themselves and to put the people around them at ease by maintaining safety standards.


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