Companies branding their employees’ masks: New Trend


A mask displaying the brand name of the company has now become a part of the dress code at some workplaces. The on-field staff of quick-witted marketers is sporting masks displayed with their brands.

Quite literally, every employee has now become a brand ambassador for the company’s products they are working for. At some workplaces, a mask with the brand name of the company is part of their dress code now. Some masks also display the tagline or catchphrase associated with the brand. This is one of the best ways to use the new change that has happened with the coming of COVID-19. This strategy not just catches the audience’s attention but also generates an interest in the passerby in the brands. Not just the employees, brands are also planning to make such masks available to their customers, retailers, etc. as gifts in order to promote their business.

Harsh International, the makers of 100 core Woosh detergents, have made their 500 salespeople enter the market sporting masks designed with ‘Woosh‘ and ‘Woosh late khoosh’. The salespeople have distributed the ‘Woosh’ masks to the retailers for the retailer’s staff to wear them. “The mask conceals the face. Also, if it has a brand name on it, it gets a good recall. The results have been good for the brand” said Yogesh Jain, MD Harsh International.Woosh, which has been endorsed by actoress Kajol, is a known brand in the laundry. The company claims to have a market share of 15 percent in Punjab, where the brand is known to be performing well.

Another brand that implemented this strategy is ‘Fingers’, which is a  new age consumer electronics brand. The firm has provided its employees in the field with masks embossing the brand name. According to Samsika Marketing Consultants founder CMD Jagdeep Kapoor, there are four merits that come out of this strategy, safety & hygiene, brand recognition, brand recall in the retail market, and also enhancement of the salesperson’s self-esteem. Hence Mr.Kapoor has recommended the strategy to brand the masks, to all his clients.

Firms planning to launch their new products, services, or campaigns are adopting this new strategy. Because the masks are at the eye level, this makes it’s visible to every shopper on seeing the retailer wearing the brand of mask, is good.

A Lucknow based natural dyes maker, AMA Herbal Laboratories, who is gradually getting into the health, immunity, and hygiene improving products was able to make its employees stand out in the crowd of salespeople from other brands when a visit a retailer to market their products. They did this with the masks highlighting their company name and their catchphrase on it. With the branded masks their employees were recognized faster, says Yawer Ali Shah, CMD- AMA Herbal Laboratories.


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