Borosil enters the disinfectant space, launches a UV-disinfection unit


Entering the newly hot space of disinfectants is Borosil with ‘Suraksha’ an Ultraviolet disinfection unit.

Borosil has launched an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection product, namely Borosil Suraksha that claims to disinfect 99.9 % germs and other pathogens present on the surface of daily goods and groceries. The Mumbai based consumer products brand has indicated that the UV-C disinfection box, Suraksha (Hindi for security) helps in minimising the danger of communicable diseases from daily essentials, especially amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Users can disinfect objects like masks, wallets, smartphones, currency notes, medical equipment, watches, and groceries. Borosil claims that “small objects” are often sanitised in two minutes while “large objects” take up to eight minutes.

As per the brand, the unit disinfects 99.9percentage germs and other pathogens present on the surfaces with an in-built Ultraviolet — C light. The UV-C light produces electromagnetic energy and impacts the DNA of microorganisms like viruses which destroys their ability to breed and thus, makes them inactive.

The unit comes with a capacity of twenty-two litres with a robust capability to effectively sterilize daily household and office essentials. From mobile phones to masks, medical equipment, purses, watches, wallets, currency notes, groceries to vegetables, food parcels, fruits and other objects.

In its announcement, Borosil further stated, “The leakage proof design keeps UV-C rays safely within the chamber. The unit shuts off automatically on opening, thus further reducing the probabilities of exposure to the physical body. Research has proven that exposure to UV-C light features a positive impact on fruits, vegetables, and other food products.”

Announcing the launch of Borosil Suraksha, Shreevar Kheruka, MD, Borosil Ltd said, “We stand by our commitment as an Indian brand to know and deliver products that make daily lives easier. I think every crisis comes with opportunities to find out and evolve. We must innovate on development relevant to the present times. This vision has been at the forefront of the event of Borosil Suraksha.”

The Borosil Suraksha carries a tag of Rs. 11,990. Users in India can buy the merchandise for an introductory price of Rs. 9,999 from Borosil website.

The unit is going to be available for pre-booking at and costs Rs 11,990.


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