Bausch + Lomb launches ‘Be Always Ready’ campaign


A new ad campaign was launched by Bausch + Lomb for its iconnect dailies range of contact lenses, the campaign ‘Be Always Ready’. The new ad was conceptualized by digital agency, Kinnect, highlighting the ease and smooth transition that a new range of lenses brings to its users, it showcases the protagonists in circumstances that require them to be ready in no time. Bausch + Lomb appointed kinnect to handle its digital media mandate. the account was won flowing a multi-agency pitch. They handle digital media planning including social media management, online reputation management, and outreach.

The company said the narrative of the digital ads is executed in such a way that continues to build upon the brand ethos that iconnect has nurtured over years through campaigns and communication, and that would resonate with the youth.

The ad campaign explains the easiness of using their contact lenses in any tough situation. Any person using spectacle finds it difficult at times when they have to handle the manual work and spectacle simultaneously iconnect comes up with daily lenses that are so comfortable and ease and which can be disposed after use. The lenses do not require daily cleaning or care or even storage, the lens can be used for a day and can be disposed of, fresh new lenses every day can be used instead of using the same old one. The lenses give a comfortable lens-wearing experience.  

The youth today is not only is not spontaneous but also practical in their approach said Sanjay Bhutani the managing director of Bausch + Lomb India.  Bausch + Lomb is offering its users the convenience of new pairs of contact lenses every time, at a pocket-friendly price with the availability of daily disposable varietal.

With the campaign ‘Be Always Ready’ they want to create an experience in which millennials could participate, align the brand’s communication with likes of the youth, and devise content that promotes product usage said Chandni Shah the chief operating officer of kinnect.


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