KitKat towards sustainability, to be Carbon Neutral by 2025


The world-famous chocolatiers pave the way towards sustainability by pledging to become carbon neutral by 2025. KitKat is a perfect balance of wafers covered in luscious chocolate produced globally by Nestlé.  KitKat aims to be carbon neutral by reducing emissions that are generated through sourcing its ingredients and it would be the first global confectionery brand that sources 100% sustainable cocoa.

The dairy industry is responsible for the emission of a crucial amount of greenhouse gas emission, a major part of the carbon emission occurs while sourcing and producing ingredients like milk and cocoa. Through initiatives like restoring forests and supporting the transition towards regenerative agriculture, the brand aims to reduce these emissions. KitKat would invest in high-quality offsetting that is based on natural climate solutions for all the emissions that they cannot be eliminate.

One of the main factors that contribute to carbon emission in the agricultural supply chain is deforestation. The iconic chocolate brand is now focusing on forest conservation and restoration. Nestlé has joined hands with The Forest Trust as a part of responsible sourcing and to ensure that their products do not contribute towards deforestation. Nestlé is also part of the Cocoa and Forest Initiative (CFI), organized by the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) to end deforestation and to promote forest restoration and protection of the cocoa supply chain. The Nestlé Cocoa plan tries to improve the lives of the farmers in the cocoa supply chain.

KitKat is associated with The Carbon Trust, a global climate change and sustainability consultancy, to measure and analyze the current carbon footprint and to suggest action plans to achieve neutral carbon emissions.  Nestlé is also a part of the Rimba Collective, the largest private-sector forest conservation initiative for the protection of tropical forest landscape in Southeast Asia. For the past few years, a variety of tools like certification, supply chain mapping, and satellite imagery has been used by Nestlé to accomplish its commitment to stop deforestation. Brands like Nespresso and Garden Gourmet are also working towards achieving carbon neutrality. The well-loved chocolate brand is not just delicious but also environmentally friendly.

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