Nilon’s to negate Maggi masala with a western blend


Nilon Private Limited Company is one of the fastest-growing processed food companies in India, with an extensive range of quality products. Its headquartered in Pune. The company’s newly introduced range of western blended spices mainly includes seven new global flavours, ranging from pasta to garlic bread.

The wide variety of cuisines from across the continent includes Piri-piri, garlic bread, noodles, chow mein, pasta and pizza. These are the different varieties of packed mixes of spices that have been processed in Nilon’s company.

While having a slight conversation with Dipak Sanghvi, the Managing Director of Nilon’s Company says, “that as per the new launch each sachet will be priced at Rs.5. This action is aimed at catering for the growing appetite of Indians, especially children as a global cuisine and to ease the living of Indian mothers. Nowadays Indian mothers are often so much agitated as they cannot find the proper ingredients when they try to match their kid’s taste, their demand for the restaurant styled, western cuisines at home. No one can prepare a perfect bowl of pasta or a pizza, by only using garam masala, as we all know the taste behind this food is all about the major role of Western flavour or the blend of Italian herbs as it gives us the perfect taste.

Deepak Sanghvi also mentions that these blended flavours have been whisked out of the five star and other restaurants in the city and have found deep and firm roots in the households of common people, in small towns and markets of places like Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are some among those. He also credits this success to the fast-growing exposure that they get through television, radio and various other social media platforms, as one of the major reasons that cause a fast driving trend in the market. He mentioned that “The newer generation wants to experience these tastes daily or at least once in a week and hence it becomes a strong tool in the hands of mothers”.

Each of the brand’s new films ends with their tagline “Isme Pyaar Mila Hai”, which builds an emotional side to it. However, unlike other companies like Maggi and Smith and Jones, Nilon’s have decided to put forth a much wider range of flavours for their consumers. Speaking about the selection process of the flavours, Sanghvi says that, items like noodles and pizza has achieved great success in the market in these years. The sachet designs are designed in such a way that it mixes well with its absorptive nature of these spices.

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