Know more about Brand Management


Brand Management is all about defining the brand, positioning and maintaining it in a better way. Establishing a brand is important to differentiate it from the competitors.  Brand Management attracts customers and makes them committed to one’s business. There are tangibles and intangibles in a product and service brand.  The tangibles in a product brand are quality, price, packing etc while for a service brand it is customer satisfaction. The intangibles for both product and service brands are emotional connections with products or service. The main aim of branding is to acquire a strong market and customer loyalty. It also enhances the image of the business. Building a strong brand also enhances the customer expectations. Strong brands are well-received by the customers and they have a good market share. The brand must have a strong support for it to sustain in the market. There is always a brand manager in every corporate organization to oversee the brand performance. Brand Management is an art of creating a brand and sustaining it in the market. There are several important concepts in brand management like brand name, brand attributes, brand positioning, brand identity, brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand association, building a brand, brand equity, customer equity, brand extension, sources of brand identity,  differences between brand identity and brand image, co-branding etc. A thorough knowledge of all these concepts is required to establish a strong brand, marketing the brand and maintaining it in the market.

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