KOHLER introduces the innovative ‘Anthem’ valves and controls


Every component of Kohler’s new Anthem valves and controls has been painstakingly engineered to provide consumers with a completely immersive showering experience, customised to their exact preferences and tweaked as needed.

With two-valve platforms to select from – mechanical and digital – and precisely constructed to meet worldwide plumbing standards, these precision systems elevate the showering routine to a sensory event, further expanding Kohler’s industry-leading approach to digital showering.

The Anthem controls are inspired by high-end home furniture, with a simple, elegant, and warmly tactile touch. Like many other well-known electronic goods, the touch-sensitive surface of the digital valve control is intuitive and straightforward to operate. The valves may regulate up to six outputs, allowing users to customise their shower sprays, rainheads, showerheads, handshowers, and body sprays.

Each outlet may be separately adjusted to meet the user’s temperature and flow preferences, such as a soft, warm spray from the above rainhead combined with a forceful, hot massage from the hand shower. Users may mix and combine to their hearts’ content and then save up to ten favourite gifts to return to at any time.

“A truly fantastic shower is dependent heavily on personal choice and should be totally under the user’s control,” says Lun Cheak Tan, Kohler’s Vice President of Industrial Design. “We created the Anthem valves and controls to provide bathers the opportunity to customise flow, temperature, and sprays for a more individualised wellness experience.”

Anthem computerised control provides independent access to each spray and up to two temperature zones, making it simple to alter settings and select different amounts of warmth for different sections of the body.

The Anthem mechanical controls offer a refined appearance and feel to them. When a button for each outlet is pressed, it transforms into a dial that allows users to set and change flow volume. Clear, quickly understood iconography removes all ambiguity from the process, creating a tailored sensory experience that everybody can enjoy. Anthem controls are polished chrome, matte black, rose gold, french gold, and brushed bronze finishes.

KOHLER’s innovative Anthem controls turn bathing into a tailored physical event with the capacity to instil a sense of well-being and reshape the day.

With its new Anthem controls and valves, Kohler continues to elevate the ordinary and excite the senses with cutting-edge engineering, careful design, and a customer-centric philosophy that has been an intrinsic part of the company since 1873.

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