KreditBee Scores Big: Consumer Engagement rockets through the ICC Men’s World Cup

KreditBee Scores Big: Consumer Engagement rockets through the ICC Men's World Cup
KreditBee Scores Big: Consumer Engagement rockets through the ICC Men's World Cup

Bangalore | November 22, 2023: KreditBee, India’s leading online credit solution provider, launched its customer awareness initiative, ‘KreditBee VS Wannabe,’ coinciding with the Cricket World Cup, a highly anticipated sporting event hosted in India that cuts across the barriers of India’s diverse fabric. Targeted at the consumers of the middle-income India, who have very often been intimidated by the jargons of the Fintech sector while also being victims of financial fraud, the campaign brings out the simplicity of concepts and aspects that sets KreditBee apart from fraudulent platforms.

With the primary objective to educate this demographic about the benefits of obtaining credit exclusively from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) registered lenders, such as KreditBee, the brand brought out a series of ads laced with wit and everyday humour. Through a three-part video series set against the backdrop of a stadium, the campaign draws a clear distinction between choosing KreditBee, as opposed to opting for other ‘wannabe’ lending applications. The campaign also aimed to underscore KreditBee’s commitment to protecting customer data, providing transparent fee structures, and a hassle-free loan disbursal process. The videos depict the challenges associated with unverified lenders and emphasise the ease of the loan process with KreditBee.

The success of the ‘KreditBee VS Wannabe’ campaign is evident in its significant impact on brand visibility and engagement. The campaign’s dissemination on social media and Disney+ Hotstar further amplified its reach, driving increased app installations and direct traffic to the website.

This method has demonstrated a notable increase in brand search queries, leading to subsequent installations prompted by these searches. Moreover, there has been a significant surge in direct traffic to the website, accompanied by the successful optimization of click-through rates (CTR). By tapping into the extensive viewership of prominent cricket tournaments, this advertising approach has not only driven heightened user engagement but has also proved instrumental in boosting conversions. The ripple effect created spans across various stages of the consumer journey.

Ishan Bose, Chief Marketing Officer, KreditBee said, “We are thrilled about the success of the ‘KreditBee VS Wannabe’ campaign, especially during the Cricket World Cup 2023. It not only brought attention to the challenges people face with unauthorised lending apps but also emphasised the importance of choosing genuine lenders. The positive response reflects the effectiveness of our efforts in educating and engaging our audience. This campaign aligns with our commitment to providing transparent and hassle-free financial solutions to the Indian middle class.”

Watch the full videos here:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3: h

KreditBee currently offers multiple types of personal loans, online/offline checkout finance, and digital gold investments. Apart from digital lending, KreditBee has forayed into digitally-enabled secured loans and loans against property. The brand also offers financial services such as insurance, credit score report, and merchant-side offers.