Kroger introduces AI-enabled Twitter tool to help cook at home


Chefbot is the latest innovation from America’s largest grocery retailers created to reconsider the cooking experience by using artificial intelligence technology to make the most out of what’s in your fridge and pantry.

Kroger introduced an artificial intelligence-based digital tool that permits consumers to access receipts by tweeting a photo of the different products they have with them. A tool, called Chefbot, is used to examine food image users send to @Kroger Chefbot and response with a list of recipe that uses the ingredients.

In Chefbot, the shoppers can send a photo of the recipes with up to three ingredients. Chefbot’s artificial intelligence examines photos to identify nearly 2000 items, 20000 Kroger recipes for users to cook on their wish.

Kroger Chefbot users tweet their photo through artificial intelligence, Chefbot recognizes ingredients and then scan thousands of unique recipe on Within a few seconds, Chefbot gives responses to the original tweet of users to deliver a list of customized recipes and advice them based on selected ingredients. 

Like other systems that use artificial intelligence, Chefbot is considered to improve over time. Kroger expects the system which was formed in partnership by digital agency 360i, technology partner Coffee Labs, and AI company Clarifai, to become more accurate in its ability to find out the content of photos as it gains experience analyzing images. Kroger also plans to add the capacity to its mobile app.

The company has incorporated that aim into its marketing through a program called Zero Hunger Zero Waste and also has taken steps towards the aim of eliminating waste into operations by 2025.

The supermarket chain along with other retailers takes steps to increase customer excitement in the meals they consume at home as the pandemic continues to keep people from eating out. In September, the company allows customers of digital meal-planning service Dinner Daily to receive their curated meal plans as editable shopping lists combined with Kroger’s online ordering system. And on the last week, they opened a ghost kitchen in a store in Indiana with plans for another one in Ohio to give customers more developed food options.


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