KYSA JEWELS: A new aspiring venture of MNR Solutions Pvt. Limited

KYSA JEWELS: A new aspiring venture of MNR Solutions Pvt. Limited
KYSA JEWELS: A new aspiring venture of MNR Solutions Pvt. Limited

NOIDA, August 28, 2023

TWEOV Jewels, a minimalistic sterling silver jewellery nascent by MNR Solutions Pvt Ltd. is announcing its entry in the lifestyle industry. The company aspires to be a leading brand in fashion jewellery.
After an exemplary journey of 16 years in ‘recruitment and staffing’ MNR Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is here to take you on a cloud nine with their splendid sterling silver jewellery collection at TWEOV. It gives a message from its tagline itself, i.e. ‘SILVER JEWELLERY FOR ALL ’that fashion can’t be typecast. Our ancestors, regardless of gender, took pride in carrying jewellery. It was probably due the fact that India was the richest country before foreign rule.

TWEOV Jewels’ team envisions that silver jewellery has always been part in Indian tradition. Our Indian artisans have such great art in their hands that silver jewellery was largely exported from our land. Due to some unfortunate events this art of making silver jewellery lost its spark. It was then replaced by imported imitation jewellery. So TWEOV Jewels aspires to bring back the original tradition in a new charm. This silver jewellery is fashionable, skin-friendly, and also suits your pocket.

TWEOV Jewels is not only an online platform to get a minimalistic silver jewellery but is a fashion fiesta. It’s a delight to someone’s eyes that how the company is trying to bring tradition and fashion together. This online platform not only takes you on a tour of minimalistic jewellery but also lets you know some interesting facts about their every single product. So it’s a double treat! A valuable addition to your wardrobe as well as to your knowledge about jewellery.

Considering today’s emerging trend of fashion and minimalist jewellery, TWEOV JEWELS is giving an opportunity to choose among the masterpieces. The jewellery is handpicked from the fulcrum of silver jewellery artisans i.e. Rajasthan. Now, you can imagine the platter that TWEOV jewels is going to serve. It believes that every moment of human life has a potential to be celebrated. What better way than with silver jewellery to relish the best of the moments? After all your day-to-day efforts, you deserve a touch of elegance and royalty on your precious days to make them memorable.

Coming to the service and customer experience, TWEOV Jewels boasts of providing best of the services on their platform. From hovering over the site to post product delivery support it promises to be there for you. You can also find TWEOV product listed on the e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra. So grab your minimalist silver jewellery masterpiece now! Cherish your day with a pride of being connected to your motherland!!