LeEco’s 3D Helmet Virtual Reality Headset To Come Soon


Virtual reality is highly popular but in India there are only limited choices. LeEco’s 3D Helmet has joined the virtual reality bandwagon. The Helmet can be teamed with any smartphone with USB Type C port that gives it an upper hand over the Gear VR headset from Samsung that supports only four smartphones.

The Helmet features a 5.5 inch 2K display and it has adjustable straps at the top and side that offers a snug fit. It has six buttons on its right. These are the power, volume, brightness adjustment, and mode button to switch between 2D and 3D.

The LeEco 3D Helmet has an adjustment wheel at its top and a couple of adjustable sliders at its bottom. These can be used for the Myopia as well as IPD adjustments. This way, the user need not wear glasses or contact lens while the headset is in use. There is a headphone jack as well at the bottom of the headset.

The 3D Helmet is easy to set up. It has a physical cable and one end of the cable should be connected to a smartphone with USB Type C port and the other to a power source. Once the headset is powered on, there will be an option to adjust the vision with the sliders and wheels meant for adjustments. After the setup, the headset will display the content on the smartphone that is connected to it.

However, the drawback is that the headset and the smartphone heat up too quickly. The LeEco 3D Helmet does not use battery as the Samsung Gear VR and it has to be powered by an external source. This makes it tough to use the headset in any location as the user wants.

As of now, the headset is not available commercially. It is tough to say when the device will be launched or under which segment it will fall.




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