Leven Medical unveils smart ventilators with AI and ML


Artificial Intelligence Technology is conquering different milestones day by day, especially in the healthcare sector. Now an Indian-Dutch collaborative start-up Leven Medical is up with smart ventilators, claiming to have integrated them with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

These ventilators are supported by tracking software. It can not only automatically regulate the oxygen flow of a patient but can also send alerts to the doctors, nurses, and family members in case of any emergency. It also allows remote monitoring while the doctor is away from the hospital. They unveiled three models of ventilators- Smart Ventilators, C5 COVID Ventilators and ICU Ventilator.

The start-up said that these ventilators were developed with the help of global experts and by integrating the inputs by scientists, medical experts, innovators, and engineers. It is considered as the first kind of intelligent ventilator. They claim that unlike normal ventilators, these smart ventilators will capture a lot of patient data and user data with help of its strong dose of AI technology. These data are utilized in making decisions about medical involvements that give advantages over normal ventilators.

Another benefit of the Leven ventilators is that it gives intuitions to doctors and medical staff to make informed decisions. Ten different functions are integrated into the system. These ventilators will be installed in the hospitals after the post COVID period too. It was when they saw that there was a shortage in the number of doctors and medical professionals to treat critical patients, they thought of developing a remote monitoring feature into the machine.

With this, doctors can monitor and attend to a patient in case of an emergency even while he is having this lunch or has reached back home. After that, they amalgamated a tracking technology to allow contact tracing and monitoring of patients. The price of the Leven Medical C5 Covid-19 ventilator is Rs 75,000 with COVID tracking software.

The price of the Leven Smart Ventilator integrated with AI and ML and tracking software is around Rs 12 lakhs. These ventilators with this cost and this innovation can be taken to the remotest of rural areas, villages, and the masses for where it is inaccessible.


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