Licious’comes up with “Elephant Design’s” on meat spreads


The meat spreads are in the Indian marketplace for a short time now, courtesy Licious, a Bengaluru-based meat and food company. From Chunky honey mustard chicken spread to Chunky butter garlic prawn spread to chunky butter chicken spread, it’s fairly the range. It was a picture from Elephant Design’s LinkedIn post that was truly responsive to this product attributable to its attention-getting packaging. “The plan was to clear up the instant of consumption for a meaty unfold by virtually showcasing a stack of sandwiches as key visual,” a sentence within the post.

There is often this apprehension that “Will it have preservatives?” “Will it smell or have any aroma?” Licious’ MasterChef Joe Manavalan, additionally the brand’s co-founder and VP, innovation, and style told that the recipes were clean and preservative-free too …” we were aware of early samplings and also the moment we tasted them, all our apprehensions pale away. The opposite fascinating issue was that the meat spreads didn’t have `excesses’, they were moderately tasteful and tasted simply right”.

There are 2 or 3 things that they tend to have consciously tried on the jar. First, they used the complete jar as an asset to mention what the consumption occasion is. The second was to point out it’s a fastidiously created sort of a connoisseur recipe, not one carelessly mass-produced thing. The jar contains a label tied thereto an endeavor to own an oral communication with the person selecting it up.

The pictures on the jar are tiny as a result of anybody who is shopping for a prawn spread or chicken spread isn’t a first-time meat eater. He or she is at home with the meat, the taste, the pros and cons, and so, doesn’t ought to be told however it looks. However, a small, neat and thoroughly organized image of the flavor adds to the boldness and premium. It reassures the shoppers that there’s real meat within as a result of it being shown on the pack.

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