Linen Club pays tribute to Kerala with an Onam song


To commemorate the yearly festival of Onam, Linen Club, the innovative linen brand from the Aditya Birla Group, today announced a special campaign called “Homecoming.” With this movie and a lovely folk song in honor of the biggest holiday in the market, the company is showing its appreciation for the affection Kerala has shown it. Based on the legendary story of King Mahabali, the campaign depicts a sincere reunion of family and friends with their roots and a festival of Keralan traditional art to ring in the new year. Thiruvonamullil Nirayenam is a one-of-a-kind effort by a fashion business to offer a local folk tune and join their clients in celebrating Onam, their most significant yearly event.

With a presentation of the brand’s extensive palette of textiles and clothes, the campaign brings to life the real aesthetics of the festival Onam as well as the knowledge and extent of Linen Club. This wonderful video tale, directed by Mala Parvathy and George Kora, immediately strikes a connection with the spectator. It represents joy and prosperity, as well as a sense of plenty.

As the story opens, a mother serves as a metaphor for the numerous families that eagerly anticipate Onam each year as a time for family reunions around the globe. Sadness at her son’s inability to attend this year because of his job commitments fills the room. His mother wasn’t expecting the Onam celebration to be as extravagant as it was, so he made the decision to surprise her by showing there. He uses exquisite linen materials and his creative imagination to design a unique Pookalam. To make his mother happy, he invites artists to a traditional Onam performance. The idea of generosity and inclusion is then conveyed by his usage of the textiles as presents for everyone. To honor the spirit of Onam, the ad contains the captivating original folk tune Thiruvonamullil Nirayenam.

Resmi Sateesh, a prominent singer, actress, performer, and sound designer recognized for her many successes in Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi films, sang the song. Paduppatu, the debut single by her band Resatrippin, received millions of views and positive reviews. Saregamapa Malayalam Season 1 champion Libin Scaria, who has donated his voice to a song from the newest film Kaduva, is on her side. 

The Onam-focused commercial makes clear how passionate, genuine, and skilled Linen Club is in producing the greatest linen textiles and clothing. It demonstrates the brand’s diverse and broad product line. Premium linen fabrics and ready-to-wear clothing including shirts, jackets, trousers, kurtas, Mundu, etc. are both offered by Linen Club and Linen Club Studio.

The Fabrik Pookalam idea is extraordinary, bringing to life a perfect balance between the brand’s offers and the festival’s ethos. 

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