#LiveBetterLiveNow campaign by Bausch + Lomb


Bausch + Lomb India has advertised a campaign that urges individuals to take a gander at the positive side of the pandemic situation and praise the numerous brighter moments to be discovered along the way.

The promotion portrays what it seems to be a pre-lockdown circumstance wherein the individual has all the earmarks of being continually focused or stressed. This transition period reveals that it is the current situation wherein the person sets up the positive implications that can be related to the new beginning. By having simple pleasant moments such as spending quality time with your family members, taking up new interests, sipping a cup of coffee to keep energized for the rest of the day.

The entire advertisement is portrayed in such a way to make customers understand the current situation and urges to change the lens through which they take a gander at life and wholeheartedly embrace the new beginning. Also, the principle promotion will be joined by three campaigns planned for featuring Bausch + Lomb’s various contact lens and lens care portfolio and how there is an item for all ages and ways of life.

Remarking on the mission, Sanjay Bhutani, MD, Bausch + Lomb India stated, “amid vulnerability, we as a whole need a counteractant that can assist us with keeping an inspirational disposition. I solidly accept that this antitoxin, exists in us and we should just change our view towards life and circumstances. Through the ‘live better, live now’ ad by Bausch + Lomb India expects to modestly ask viewers to concentrate on all the beneficial things in our lives today and walk forward earnestly and trust in more splendid tomorrow.”

Chandni Shah, COO – Kinnect stated, “Definitely, during this unexpected time of nationwide lockdown, we saw it’s been a troublesome excursion for many individuals to adjust to the new living. With Bausch + Lomb’s ‘Live better, Live now’ campaign, we concentrated on making correspondence that features the positive parts of the lockdown and urges individuals to grasp the new beginning. We needed individuals to look past the vulnerabilities, and ponder time what fulfills them.”

The mission which went live on August 30th was a digital release and was seen across Bausch + Lomb India’s online media stages.


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