‘Scores se lot more’ campaign launched by ESPNcricinfo


With the announcement of IPL 2020 in UAE, cricket fans, at last, have the motivation to celebrate. ESPNcricinfo, trusted platform for live cricket scores and updates, has launched a new campaign on ‘SCORES SE LOT MORE.’

This campaign strengthens ESPNcricinfo’s guiding principle suggestion of conveying genuine cricket news and data and convincing match inclusion and encompass content; all past just scores for the fans. The campaign contains a two-section film arrangement and has been conceptualized by Dentsu India.

With ‘SCORES SE LOT MORE’, ESPNcricinfo means to associate with the passionate fanatics of the game for whom cricket is something beyond a game, it is a lifestyle. For these genuine fans, cricket is in their DNA and part of their personality. It is considerably more than simply the 22 yards or the coarseness of the players engaging it out on the field; it’s tied in with getting a ringside view into the game.

Remarking on the campaign, Gaurav Thakur, Director of Marketing and Business Development at ESPNcricinfo, says, “At ESPNcricinfo we have consistently trusted in enabling our fans with understanding and thinking. This ad fortifies our promise to giving an adroit encounter to the inquisitive fans who love to inundate themselves in the game independent of where they are. These fans need to know something beyond the score. They need to comprehend the ‘what, why, and how of the game.’ For them, a clarification is as significant as the data.”

Thakur includes, “I am happy that we joined forces with Dentsu India. They comprehended what we were searching for and made particular yet sharp movies to pass on ESPNcricinfo’s basic belief suggestion. I am certain the fans will have the option to identify with these movies.”

Discussing the campaign, Indrajeet Mookherjee, President, Dentsu India says, “We are enchanted to cooperate with ESPNcricinfo, seemingly the final word with regards to cricket. The correspondence task was to speak to a more youthful crowd and utilize the item solidarity to make a cool client persona. Youthful fans need to be educated yet additionally need to be engaged. Our campaign endeavors to make being learned cool in the clothing of flippancy and humor and underline the brand message of isolating the score searchers and the genuine cricket fans.”

The two-section film arrangement utilizes mind and humor to evoke an emotional response from the more youthful crowd of 15-25-year-olds, the intended interest group for the ad. The movies bring alive two extraordinary contributions of ESPNcricinfo – master sees and inside and out an investigation through a circumstance utilizing two cricket fans – an ESPNcricinfo fan who comprehends and looks for the better subtleties of each match, each ball and each run and a non-client. The ESPNcricinfo fan in the long run astonishes the non-client with his insight and energy.


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