Mother Dairy shows relevance of packed paneer in a new campaign with Neena Gupta


Mother Dairy has recently announced the launch of #PaneerPackedHaiTohSafeHai campaign for its TVC. The aim of this new commercial is to persuade customers to opt for packed paneer by raising awareness and educating them about the advantages of this deal over loose choices.

The concept of the film is given by Ogilvy and executed by Wavemaker, the campaign uses senior actor Neena Gupta as the brand’s face, highlighting the advantages of packaged paneer.

 Sanjay Sharma, Head of Business- dairy products, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable, told in an interview that earlier paneer campaigns largely talked about the product attributes that revolve around superior taste experience. Although the latest initiative is all about the fact that the best option for yourself is to reach for healthy, nutritious food and proper nutrition.

The campaign captures insights from the present situation where customers are increasingly concerned about safety and hygiene concerns, especially with regard to food, so it felt the need to speak to consumers and make them aware of the hygiene issues that might emerge or are correlated with loose paneer consumption.

#PaneerPackedHaiTohSafeHai ‘s contact storey, with the goal of specifically highlighting these realities, was designed to enable our customers to opt for packaged paneer by informing them and at the same time to make them aware of its advantages, hygiene and safety aspects.

In this minute-long video, Neena Gupta talks about the importance of packed products. So when people prefer buying all things packed, then why not paneer. She consequently highlights the fact that any loose paneer could be exposed to malpractice leading to food pollution which is not good for health.

Currently, the advertisement focuses on one of the product segments within the portfolio of value-added dairy products. The total value-added portfolio composition remains similar. The positioning articulation for its value-added portfolio of dairy products remains “Rishton Ka Swaad Badhaye.

“The new campaign is linked to the wider scope of positioning dairy products as the advertising campaign. All the elements of the new campaign are consistent with the brand’s core caregiver proposal, while innovative think-tanks are part of the core theme of solidarity.


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