Cadbury Bournvita launches sachet pack


Financial distress has the most powerful and poignant effect on a household’s list of groceries. Many ‘too costly’ items are being taken off the list and more reasonable substitutes are being introduced instead; compromise becomes the solution to the puzzle of what to add or what not to.

The latest ad from Cadbury Bournvita talks about the stressful scenario while buying groceries. A lady is seen trying to sort out the food list of the month as a voiceover reflects her thoughts – These times are rough and full of compromises. A picture of the list of groceries with things crossed out shows this.

A zoomed-in shot tells us that she plans to take Bournvita off the list. But she then looks at her daughter and she was juggling football and then the mother decides not to cut off the Bournvita from the list. If its make stronger then she will not neglect the Bournvita again the voiceover says, and then the new sachet from Bournvita can see which is ‘Chota box, Badi Taakat’ costing just Rs 5.

Cadbury Bournvita is a malt drink which was launched in India in 1948 and it is one of India’s most famous drinks, particularly among kids and a few adults. However, what is important to remember here is the introduction of the sachet, which is by the way not different (Horlicks did it a while back) , and its price.

Lubna Khan, brand strategist, (former employer on  Horlicks and when she worked at JWT) said that sachets brought new consumers, who had a brand affinity but were previously reluctant due to price, the competitor Horlicks had already introduced the sachet pack.

Khan points out that the piece of information leads us to conclude that Bournvita ‘s sales have been impacted by the economic crisis, and thus “they are introducing sachet packs to maintain an audience and retain Bournvita ‘s position within household consumption, even at a reduced status.” This is a good strategy on the part of the company because Bournvita is seen as additional nutrition even in its core markets.

The launch of the sachet pack of Bournvita would help the customers buy the product on this pandemic situation. Sales to the business will also improve by selling sachet box.


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