Lockdown Parenting During Covid-19: Behavioral & Technological Challenges


Lockdown parenting is a balanced act between learning and entertainment as parents try to get a firm hold with their daily lives which took a turn over due to Covid-19 pandemic…

For many parents, during the current pandemic period, their home has become the office, gym and even classroom. Parents struggle to keep up with their children’s schooling, while they telework, performing daily necessities of family life and grocery shopping. And children too, may stress out when locked up at home.

So, these are the few tips the parents should follow during lockdown:

Acknowledge the emotions

It’s normal to feel anxious, stressed or fearful during this period. So,discuss your experiences with family or friends, or have a funny conversation with them. If the problem persist, try consulting with a health professional.

Setting boundaries

Between work and home life at the same place, setting boundaries maybe difficult and this can cause disconnection form work. So, a specific area should be designated to work, like it can be your own room  but during the work-time, lock the door  to prevent interruption from children.

Instead of threatening your children, such as less screen time, thank them  for allowing you to work during your office time at home.

Establish an effective routine

Its always important to maintain an effective routine, even if children stay up or get up later than usual. This helps families to cope up with the stress they are facing. Prepare a written schedule including ,at what time do you expect your children to get up, do their schoo l work,  eat meals on time, their play time and bed time.

Re lax screen time rules

There is no need of feeling guiltyfor using more screen time than usual.  You can allow your child to play a video game or watch a movie while you work. And younger children should use their computer or tab in common places other than their rooms so, parents can monitor them.

Communicate with co-workers and supervisors

Explain the difficulties faced by you while juggling between  office work and family necessities, to your supervisors or colleagues because they maybe unaware of  your situation.  Negoitiate the schedules and expectations regarding work with your boss  and craft an effective plan by mutual decision.


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