Luminous celebrates 10 years with Sachin Tendulkar


The two new TVCs that introduced by the Luminous Power Technologies to depicts the symbolizing 10 years of association with the cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar. To celebrate the relationship, the brand has launched two digital films.

Sachin talks about his theory in the first film that victory or achievement doesn’t belong to a person but belongs to the entire team instead. The video shows the journey of the Sachin and Luminous embarked on together, while also showcasing the milestones they reached together as the brand grew from ‘Jispe Desh Kare Bharosa’ to ‘Khushiyon ka Ghar.’

The second short film shows shared love and appreciation for the long-lasting and strong relationship between Sachin Tendulkar and the brand Luminous as the Luminous team thanks to the iconic legend by holding hand-written placard ‘Thank you’ posters for Sachin and his continued support to help the brand increase its reputation, to inspire thousands of people to trust the brand and to still believe in the brand’s validity.

For me, it is always about being attached to a brand where our beliefs are synergistic, so that’s why this relationship with Luminous has evolved over the past 10 years. In these 10 years we have collaborated on some very interesting campaigns and have also undertaken numerous social initiatives such as ‘Spreading Happiness’ to attain our goal of illuminating the lives of individuals. I look forward to continuing the relationship in the coming years, “Tendulkar said.

Vipul Sabharwal, Managing Director of Luminous Power Technologies, said: “Reliability, longevity and the highest levels of integrity make Sachin the classic example to depict Luminous. Just as Sachin ensured that he continuously evolved as a legend, keeping his supremacy, so has Luminous adapted to become one of India’s most popular home electrical brands. We are extremely proud to have Sachin associated with the brand. His constant encouragement in building a strong consumer relationship is bringing Luminous to high heights.

In 2010 Sachin Tendulkar was roped in as brand ambassador for Luminous Technology Technologies and this 10 brilliant years association is one of the first in the category. This unique relationship stems from the similarity between the meaning of the brand and Sachin’s real-life values.


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