Lux to invest Rs.100 crore on plant, machineries and marketing activities


March 10, 2013: One of the leading inner wear brands of India, Lux which has got more than 100 products apart from introducing new products in the market will be investing Rs.100 crore on plant, machineries and marketing activities. Lux is planning to go aggressive in its marketing activities in the months to come and signed up Shahrukh Khan to endorse its ONN brand. Lux Industries Ltd. which has got more than five lakh retail outlets expects 25 per cent market share in the men’s premium innerwear segment by 2016-17.

Lux has been facing competition in the inner wear segment from Amul and Jockey. The company is also planning to launch new products under different brand names for the urban and semi-urban youth in India. Lux is also looking forward for a strong presence in the overseas market and has already set up marketing offices in Africa, Europe and Middle East.


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